My grandson is a superhero!

Look, when you’ve got super-jaws and super-teeth and super-digestive juices, you don’t need to remove the M&Ms from the package, just eat the whole thing.

I don’t recognize the superhero, some of you young’uns will have to explain who Knut is dressed as.


  1. says

    I believe he’s one of the many alternate-timeline Spiderfolk, specifically from the newest Spiderverse movie. (The first one was tremendous fun, BTW. Haven’t seen the second yet.)

  2. wzrd1 says

    Sorry, that outfit’s my bad. Was drunk and tossed it together.
    Digestively, yeah. I’m infamous for eating and successfully processing things that cats and goats get ill consuming.

    Although, given my loss of teeth recently and their gradual decline into literal dust, I did resort more often to a small 2 1/2 inch pocket knife that is spring assisted opening, so only required one hand to open such pouches.
    I still can digest the pouch enough to not be injurious, still working on dissolving cellulose into sugars.
    Odd, given sawdust in bread that was actually present in my youth. Wouldn’t have had to waste so much effort getting cakes, if I could process cellulose.

    Or the costume just avoided a copyright suit, hence is unrecognizable, but looks sorta-kinda familiar.

    OK, both, actually.
    I’ve literally gotten sick and vomited on regular concrete and blacktop concrete, etched both badly and that, while taking a prescription proton pump inhibitor.

  3. wzrd1 says

    Oh, correction, my primary knife is larger.
    It’s 3 1/2 inches, spring assisted opening, so a twitch of the stud on the blade opens it if it’s not locked closed, swiftly as if it’s a switchblade.
    And currently, if I drop it, fairly harmless, as it hasn’t been sharpened since the end of the ice age.
    Meaning, it’s sharpish, but not my usually preferred razor sharp edge that won’t skitter off and get me injured.
    It’s a tool.
    Everything is a weapon, if needed and well, thankfully, the need is rare.
    Want to know how to lobotomize a Republican? Give them Trump.
    I’ll just get my coat…

    Oh, for full disclosure, my primary fighting knife had all of a six inch blade. Its usual duty, opening MRE packages. Occasionally, cutting strings and cords.

  4. brightmoon says

    The superheroes lost me soon after Crisis On Infinite Earths decades ago . Couldn’t make head nor tails out of the rather disjointed info I was getting by not being a regular comic reader. I have no idea who that is 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. microraptor says

    The more I look at that costume, the more I think it’s just a generic anime samurai outfit. Could be a Power Ranger, though.

  6. christoph says

    Anyone here remember “Matter Eater Lad” from the Legion of Super Heroes? (DC Comics, 1960’s)

  7. profpedant says

    I remember Matter-Eater Lad! The most recent appearance I remember is that there was some universe-ending object that they couldn’t defeat, so they brought Matter-Eater Lad out of retirement, he ate the thing and went insane. I assume Brainiac 5 eventually cured him somehow.

  8. jenorafeuer says

    I remember Matter-Eater Lad. Came from the planet Bismoll, with its capital city Pepto.

    Yeah, the Legion of Superheroes had some impressively silly bits at times back in the 60s-70s, even for the impressively silly comics at the time.

    When they rebooted the series later on (I think Zero Hour?) he actually showed up again, this time not as a super-powered member of the team but as a hired chef for the team’s base. The base did get attacked at one point and he got to show off that his spit could dissolve metal when the attackers made the mistake of handcuffing him to a table and leaving him behind because he ‘wasn’t a threat’.

  9. woozy says

    Well, one could ask Knut (or a parent) who he is.

    [I didn’t recognize to thirds of the costumes this year]

  10. christoph says

    @ # 15, # 18: I’m really surprised they didn’t come out with a “Matter Eater Lad” blockbuster movie yet. HOLLYWOOD CHEATED US!!!!!!

  11. says

    Oh, No, Ted Cruz warns us eating those evil M&Ms will make him woke! The only thing that will cure that is shooting him with MT Greene’s Jewish space laser. But, then, Hollywood and Marvel comics are not at all creative compared to the Rtwingnuts when it comes to living in a fantasy world.

  12. doctorworm says

    @20 Peacemaker at one point mentions teaming up with Matter-Eater Lad. So he at least canonically exists in the live-action universe.

  13. surprisesaplenty says

    I think there is a Korean superhero-robot with a name like “Taekwon V” that looks similar.