1. silvrhalide says

    Are those wolf spiders? They look as if they might be.
    They’re so little right now…

  2. René says

    Around 3:53 and into the 4th minute, I notice pedipalps moving intermittently. Why? Does it serve a purpose? JAQ.

  3. bcw bcw says

    at 3:18, what is the weird tiny flat wing-like thing next to the millipede and beetle?

  4. bcw bcw says

    Can I set up a pit trap near the Supreme Court? Plenty of creepie crawlies….

  5. larpar says

    At about 3:58 there is a tiny spec of a bug that crosses the frame. Compared to the spider, it’s as small as the spider is to a human (or PZ :). There are also yet smaller organisms that you can’t see with the naked eye.
    (X-posted from YouTube)

  6. says

    Palps are sensory organs. Also sexual, also for signaling.

    The wing-like thing is a scrap of plant material. It’s tangled in silk and wiggles as things move by.

    The little thing at 3:58 is a baby isopod. There are lots of sow bugs in the decaying litter in the garden.

  7. Jazzlet says

    I hope you remembered to pick up your trowel, that’s exactly how they get mislaid for months! Not that I’d know anything about that of course ;-)

  8. EigenSprocketUK says

    I saw “Spider Pit” and didn’t imagine a pit to catch spiders, I imagine a pit full of spiders to catch … unwary humans.

  9. wzrd1 says

    I fail to see anything sad about the garden. I see fertilizer waiting to fertilize.
    Never tried a pit trap, I just looked, although having limited hours of sleep, I get more observation opportunities at a cost of every couple of months, a sleep crash of 16 hours or so.

    First thoughts on the pit trap, “spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does”, millipede, pillbug – enemy of potatoes.

    I’d love to see an analysis of Palps use under those conditions. One was preferred, more distant from the bowl edge than the other, suggesting preference to the open area and that gives processing suggestions for observation.
    I have some ideas, proliferation of receptors based, slightly, proliferation within neurons also starting things, alongside programming to proliferate receptors, that’d require observation and analysis.