Who would want this?

Also, where is Ray Comfort getting the money?

That’s a box full of crap you can get for free from LivingWaters/london. Just fill out the form at that link, giving Ray Comfort your address, and he will ship up to ten boxes of his book and Bible tracts about the coronation.

You could have a thousand copies of Ray’s book and six thousand cheesy tracts delivered to your doorstep, totally free. Unless you’re in the UK, EU, Australia, or New Zealand, in which case you don’t get the books, just 10,000 cheesy tracts. Or if you’re outside those countries, you get nothing, and will have to pick up your free tracts in person in London.

From this I have determined that Canada is truly blessed.

I thought about ordering a box, just to bleed a few drops from the bloated vampiric corpse of Ray Comfort’s unaccountably rich organization, but decided not to. My reasons: a) it’s not enough to exsanguinate the parasite, b) it would just encourage him, c) it’s incredibly wasteful and would just have to be recycled, and d) I don’t want to read his stupid book (I’ve read enough Comfort to know it will be awful), I don’t want his tracts, and I don’t need a box of waste paper in my house. The man is giving away free garbage, and that does not appeal.

I still have to wonder, though: does ol’ Ray have some multi-millionaire sugar daddy? Or does he get so much in donations from a horde of deluded Christians that he can afford these ridiculous give-aways? Does he pay taxes on all of his revenues that he then spends on evangelical nonsense?

By the way, Ray Comfort is very, very excited about the coronation…but he’s not going to bother to go himself. He wants his minions to do the humiliating work of distributing his crap to all the people who don’t want it in London.


  1. Jason Nishiyama says

    He has the wrong crown on the lion as Charles has picked the Tudor crown as his. #pedant

  2. mordred says

    Sounds tempting, but after they were cleaned out early in the pandemic, the shops around here are again well supplied with toilet paper.

    Also, I’m part of the blessed rest of the world he doesn’t deliver to.

  3. lotharloo says

    Yeah, true. His money is already spent and wasted. You don’t get to waste more of his money by playing an order. However, it’s possible to make sure that more of this garbage gets properly recycled if you volunteer to take some of the trash.

  4. wzrd1 says

    Well, if one can get enough of this offer, there is money to be paid by recycling companies for the paper.
    Alas, the pricing is by the ton.

  5. indianajones says

    I can think of a few theocratic politicians whose offices could use a good wall papering.

  6. says

    It’s kinda weird that this loony/huckster is suddenly fixated on the royal family and the coronoation. It’s not like Charles had ever been worth the evangelicals’ notice before this.

    Maybe Comfort just found out that “Defender of the Faith” is one of an English monarch’s titles, and just sort of ran with the notion that this new king would be a “defender” of HIS particular faith, if only he could get enough people to go gaga over the notion.

    As for who might be financing this silliness, I’m guessing some rich dirtball looking for any opportunity to advance some version of Christianity that suits his own interests. Maybe he got wind of Comfort’s nonsensical childish fantasy and figured he had a live one worth funding, at least for a month or so.

  7. ospalh says

    I wonder.
    The main portrait on the million it-doesnt-say-pound note seems to be a free one.
    But the cypher (the CRIII thing), that might be protected by some version of copyright.
    Also, the yellow dots. They look suspiciously close to real EURion constellations. That might be something like a patent violation.
    Would be a real shame if somebody sued the guy of those things.

  8. tacitus says

    Comfort raised the money from gullible Christian supporters who donated their cash in the mistaken belief that handing out tracts to the post-Christian, cynical-about-religion, British public will make the slightest difference. They’ll be lucky to get a dozen new church members out of this exercise, but nobody will get to hear about that, of course. Comfort’s ministry, and hence his personal income, will benefit nonetheless.