Wheel out the persecution complex

I mentioned before that Ken Ham and Ray Comfort were going to flood London with Bible tracts for the upcoming coronation. The Panda’s Thumb also noted the silliness of this effort. Here’s the complete text of their comment.

Ken Ham and his fellow creationist grifters plan to disrupt King Charles’s Coronation by handing out religious tracts disguised as money.

This is hilarious. They are raising money to print and distribute 3 million counterfeit “1 Million Pound” notes that will display fundamentalist/creationist tracts on the reverse side. They are shamelessly raising money to do this. I wonder if the British Secret Service will also be amused.

That’s it! That’s all they said. It was enough to fuel Ray Comfort’s outrage, though. He thinks that’s a serious threat to call the police on them, so he’s made a video in which he intercuts clips of people getting handcuffed, of gangster firing machine guns, and then delivers a po-faced explanation of all the ways their Bible tracts differ from genuine UK pound notes. Yeah, Ray, we know. You’re more likely to get arrested for littering than for seriously trying to undermine the British economy with fake money. Your greater crime will be inducing eye-strain in all the people who will be rolling their eyes.

That doesn’t trigger their persecution complex, though…gotta inflate the concerns even more.

So ridiculous. They’re trying so hard to pretend the world sees them as fierce and dangerous, rather than a joke.

Speaking of jokes, if you bother to watch the video, it starts out with breathless outraged innocence, but One-Trick-Pony Ray can’t keep it up for long, and it abruptly switches to another of his man-in-the-street interviews where he confronts a stranger with the question and accusation, “Have you ever told a lie? Then you’re a liar and are going to hell.” It’s a good thing for Ray that the Bible doesn’t condemn people for being a repetitive bore, because he’d be damned for all time. I turn off any of his videos when he starts on that tired schtick, which means I can never sit through any of them.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Ray Comfort has not had an original idea since he started his schtick. I prefer more entertaining madmen- check out islamic apologists like Muhammed Hijab or the ubiqiitous Alex Jones.

  2. nomaduk says

    There is no ‘British Secret Service’. The Security Service, or MI5, is the UK’s domestic intelligence agency. Counterfeiting of currency would likely be investigated by the National Crime Agency (NCA), formerly the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA); I suppose it’s possible that, in the event of a large enough counterfeiting threat, MI5 would lend a hand in the investigation, but MI5, unlike the NCA, have no authority to arrest, and would call upon the police to do that. People sometimes think of MI5 as the UK’s FBI, but, really, that’s the NCA.

    The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), or MI6, is the British equivalent of the CIA, and is the agency issuing James Bond a licence to kill.

  3. fishy says

    “Have you ever told a lie?”
    Ooo, let me try this on for size, Mr Ham.
    You have a finely honed intellect that is incapable of being challenged in anyway whatsoever and may I suggest that you have accomplished all that you set out to do whatever that was.

  4. bcw bcw says

    It is funny that they first thing they do when trying to get people to believe them is to deceive them.
    A real question for them is “have you ever had anyone convert because they got fake money from you?
    Of course, they’d just lie in return.

    Having seen their work, they can make a real mess of a street with blowing pieces of paper everywhere.

  5. Snarki, child of Loki says

    Why bother going to London, when they can test out their SOOPER JEENIUZ ideas closer to home?

    Like a ONE BILLYUN dollar bill, featuring Trump’s smirking face on one side, and “IN GOLD WE TRUST” on the other.

    Pro tip: make the bills on very soft paper, so they can be used for arse-wiping. They’ll be MUCH more popular that way!

  6. Akira MacKenzie says

    Ray: “Do you think that you’re a good person?”

    Me: “I know that I’m not a good person according to your impossible-to-meet criteria where even thinking about doing something your religion considers ‘wrong’ is the same as actually doing it. All I can say is that it’s a good thing that your religion is bull, so please take your Bible and shove it you Kiwi sociopath.”

  7. R. L. Foster says

    I did it. I watched it through to the end. My BP shot into the red zone when he ambushed that overly agreeable California atheist out for a walk on a pleasant sunny day. I should’ve followed PZ’s advice and turned off the video as soon as Comfort segued into the 10 Commandments and the wages of sin. But, I did learn one thing. Comfort is from New Zealand. I guess his form of madness plays better in LA than it does in Wellington.

  8. Dan Phelps says

    My original screenshot shows the note/tract originally has “Bank of England” on them. In the video above the note/tract has “Bank of Eternity” on it. I bet they changed because of legal concerns. They are such liars that one wonders how many will actually be printed. I wonder if they have printed ANY yet.

  9. says

    The top shelf irony of this is that, as King, one of jug-eared Charles titles is “Defender of the Faith.” He is the titular head of the Church of England. Why any of these American whack-a-doodles think the British give a fig about what they think is part of the comedy.

  10. Rich Woods says

    I had every intention of avoiding any and all mention of the coronation as the sickening forelock-tugging event lurches over the horizon towards us, but the more I hear of Ham and Comfort’s plan to litter London with papery lies for Jesus the more I’m tempted to jump on the train that weekend purely to see if I can find one of the doomed souls drifting about attempting to offload the fake currency and have a bit of fun with them. “Oh, cheers, pal. Can I take half a dozen more for my group of friends? Ta. No, well, they’re not actually for my mates. It’s just that there’s so many people in town this weekend that all the crappers are out of bog paper.”

  11. nomdeplume says

    Comfort tells lies about science and religion every hour of every day. Go to Hell, Ray, go directly to Hell, but pick up a fake million pound note on the way for your wages.

  12. unclefrogy says

    we are living in an extraordinary age truly a modern global age when glorified street corner preachers can consider traveling halfway across the planet to spout their obsessive bullshit and litter the place with pointless leaflets just WOW

  13. chiel says

    I know it’s a small point , but the £1 not is not in use in the UK anymore, unlike the US we stopped using paper money for small change years ago . I know this isn’t going to stop there morons , but perhaps some tiny amount of research on their part would have been useful – Oh what am I saying Ray Comfort and research in the same sentence -what was I thinking

  14. says

    These guys, and especially RC, are such stereotypical preacher frauds it boggles the mind how anyone anywhere gives them the time of day never mind the money to print leaflets or buy airfare.

  15. KG says

    check out islamic apologists like Muhammed Hijab or the ubiqiitous Alex Jones. – birgerjohansson@1

    Alex Jones converted to Islam??? Nobody tells me anything :-p

    You know what – it wouldn’t actually surprise me all that much. The psychology involved in being Alex Jones or (say) Abu Hamza al-Masri probably isn’t that different.