Scroogey. Very scroogey.

Well, the Republicans did it again.

Three buses dropped off dozens of migrants near Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington D.C. as the area experienced record low temperatures on Saturday night, per NBC News.

About 140 migrants from countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean arrived in D.C. from Texas, Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network organizer Madhvi Bahl told NBC News, calling the incident “awful.”

Some of the migrants that arrived had to battle the 18-degree weather wearing only t-shirts, according to CNN, and they were eventually given blankets and taken to local shelters in the area.

I’m not sure what game they’re playing. Is it “Be cartoonishly villainous”? Is it “Let Democrats be humane and kind”? Whatever game it is, could they please stop using innocent human beings as their pawns?

It seems the most likely asshole behind this cruel stunt is, of course, the governor of Texas. He isn’t issuing any denials, which is a little bit damning, and he isn’t claiming credit, because he knows it’s wicked. He probably spent his childhood pulling the wings off flies and hiding the evidence from his mom.

The White House placed the blame on Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has sent busses of migrants to northern cities in the past, though it has not been confirmed that Abbott send the buses that wound up at Harris’ residence. In a statement, the White House called the deployment of the buses a “cruel, dangerous and shameful stunt.”

Somebody needs to explain to the Republicans that the callous factory owners and poor house managers in Dickens novels were the bad guys.


  1. says

    Take poorly dressed people with zero protection from the cold and dump them with no shelter in one of the worst blizzards in the country’s history. Surely that is enough of a crime to lock up the bastards responsible for the term of their un-natural lives.

  2. wzrd1 says

    No, they need forcible reminding that reckless endangerment remains a crime and reckless endangerment resulting in loss of life remains premeditated murder.
    And doing so to specific groups remains a crime against humanity.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Putting people in physical jeopardy would be against the law in most countries. För some reason, I do not expect anyone to be held to account.

  4. says

    Based on my experiences with people manipulating around these migrant dumps on nextdoor the point is to move the “being awful to migrants” attention to Ds. Try to point out how cruel and awful it is to use migrants as han political displays and I was faced with immediate displays about cruel Ds who won’t absorb the migrants on the site.

    These people simultaneously can not or will not be objective about the dimensions of the “border crisis”.

  5. R. L. Foster says

    I thought we had laws against kidnapping and transporting people across state lines, namely human trafficking.

  6. fishy says

    My one and only hope is that the poor souls caught up in this nonsense will recognize who and what is causing their pain and suffering and will pass that lesson on to future generations.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    I think to become a governor of Texas or Florida you are required to be a sociopath, to win the votes of the “watches Fox News” bloc.

  8. scottmange says

    While I agree it’s a shitty thing to do but it’s not like Texas was really much warmer. And at least DC has a stable power supply.
    Texas may have actually done these people a small favor.

  9. bcw bcw says

    Some aid groups were told at the last minute. There is the idea of arresting the driver and impounding the bus but this might just mean no warning at all. @9. Yeah, in some ways it’s a favor to these people as they are more likely to get fair representation in their asylum cases than in Texas.

  10. bcw bcw says

    As part of their tribal, them versus us, racist worldview, the MAGA types like the idea of causing pain to “those people.” Doing evil it good if it owns the Libs. The fear and resentment network (FOX) has been telling them for years that “those people” are getting special rewards that are being taken from them by the Libs.

  11. Tethys says

    El Governor de Tejas es un manjo pendejo.
    How is this not a criminal act? These people are seeking asylum, but somehow the elected officials of one border state think they don’t need to have any human decency or respect international law. Human trafficking is the least offense in this instance.

  12. Akira MacKenzie says

    This is what happens when you’re a loosely-affiliated union of 50 micro-countries with their own government rather a single, unified state under a single government. Just more evidence that our constitution needs to go and be replaced with a government that will handle this sort of lawlessness and send Abbott, DeSantis, Trump, Cruz, Greene, et al to prison without needing permission from their own political party or state-level flunkies.

  13. Doc Bill says

    The Texas Tribune and Houston Chronicle are both reporting that the buses originated in Texas, part of psychopath Greg Abbott’s policy of cruelty.

    But, if you want to get a glimpse of how dire society is here in Texas, check out the comments section of the article in the Chronicle. There you will be exposed to the vilest, cruelest, most bigoted, despicable, uncharitable ignoratti you could ever find. Sad commentary on our society.

  14. Erp says

    I note in earlier cases of the dumping some of the immigrants were expected to show up in an official proceeding back in Texas on a specific date. The immigrants were told lies about this would be taken care of. Failure to show up can result in serious repercussions including a loss of a chance to get asylum.

  15. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 17

    But, if you want to get a glimpse of how dire society is here in Texas, check out the comments section of the article in the Chronicle. There you will be exposed to the vilest, cruelest, most bigoted, despicable, uncharitable ignoratti you could ever find. Sad commentary on our society.

    It’s a reality that a lot of libs and Democrats refuse to accept. They still labor under the delusion that these people can be reasoned with or that their bigotry will somehow vanish if we offered them some some paltry welfare benefit (which they’d reject anyway because “CAPITALISM GOOD! SOCIALISM BAD!”). They need to realize that nothing they will do will change their tiny little minds, that everything they claim* to want to achieve must sometimes be undemocratically forced on a stupid, greedy society, and that an armed response will be necessary when the Bible-and-gun clutching rednecks refuse to comply.

    *Liberals are. after all, still capitalists. They love wealth and luxury the same way the right wingers do, so racial and sexual equality is a goal only so long as it’s profitable.

  16. gijoel says

    Maybe you Americans should be shipping your rethugulians to Antarctica for ‘climate change’ fact finding missions. Actually, they should take all of the unwanted kids that women were forced to have and then force them to raise them.

    Actually no, those kids don’t deserve to be around hateful arseholes.

  17. says

    @Akira MacKenzie

    I’m a “lib”, specifically a democratic socialist — and you’re a dishonest fool. “libs (sic) and Democrats” almost universally “accept” (that is, recognize) that right wingers are fascist sociopathic shit.

  18. says

    This isn’t Hitler level evil, but it’s getting there. Not much difference between loading people on a train to gas tehm and loading them on a bus to freeze to death.

  19. John Morales says

    chrislawson, you’re intimating that this stunt is just cruel for the sake of it; are you so sure that it’s not just trying to appeal to the base? Or a way to cost the opponents more than they themselves spend?

    In short, are you sure it’s a pointless exercise, just mere cruelty for no reason at all?

  20. Silentbob says

    @ 34 Morales

    Hitler didnt bundle people into gas chambers for no ideological reason you utter fuckwit.

  21. John Morales says

    Um, Silentbob, whatever made you imagine I thought Hitler had no reason for that?

    (Perhaps read what I wrote, instead of responding to whatever it is you imagined I wrote)

  22. birgerjohansson says

    Richard Widmark. American-Swedish actor who played gangster in the era of Humphrey Bogart et al. He also played good guy, occasionally. He was still going strong in the seventies.
    BTW film villains rarely are as fucked up as elected real-life villains.

  23. birgerjohansson says

    DeSantis or Abbott will have to step up their game if they want to be certain to get nominated by the Republican base. Next phase: Clubbing refugee children like seal cubs.

  24. fishy says

    There seems to be a spate of attacks on the U.S. electrical grid. There have been vandals shutting down power for thousands in North Carolina, Washington, and Oregon.
    I find it hard to get into the heads of the people perpetrating such things, but I imagine they think this will be blamed on some other that they are fearful of and despise.
    Personally, I think it’s a bunch of gunned-up moronic white guys and I think I’m right.

  25. says

    Personally, I think it’s a bunch of gunned-up moronic white guys and I think I’m right.

    Yes, they actually have a handbook on how to disable power grids … there have been news reports and a Fresh Air interview about this “movement” that I’m too lazy to dig up citations for.

  26. says

    The Ds seem pretty friendly to the capitalist hellscape.

    This is like saying that atheists and Gen Z are pretty friendly to the capitalist hellscape. It’s a profoundly stupid and intellectually dishonest generalization.

  27. says

    Hitler didnt bundle people into gas chambers for no ideological reason you utter fuckwit.

    As usual, Silentbob (if only) projects his own complete failure to read or comprehend.

  28. says

    Maybe when Ds include investment divestment and aggressively reminding business that there’s an income/profit distinction. Sinema type behavior should be addressed… I’m the one that reminds people from outside the party by choice.

  29. says

    I like to think about leveling mechanisms that hit things at the “people who care about things more than people angle” when it comes to tokens of exchange, and it’s hard to think of much that leaves the the Ds out. The stock market hurts people who aren’t invested in it, crypto and nfts are even more abstract things given more value than people. I think about the externalities of currency itself and I’ve been tempted to refuse to respect anyone who can’t talk in the resources associated with problems in addition to abstract symbolic objects.

    But I’m really harsh by choice.

  30. DanDare says

    So investigation?
    Who are the busdrivers?
    Who hired them?
    Find the people responsible and try them for a crime.
    Or don’t Americans do that rule of law thing anymore?

  31. Marissa van Eck says

    I’m surprised he did this. Not by the cruelty–I’ve long since come to understand that the cruelty is the entire point–but by how cartoonishly comic-book on-the-nose villainous this. It is an almost perfect antitype of the story of Mary and Joseph. On Christmas. You cannot make this up.

    Some part of me wonders if these people are somehow being manipulated or forced into showing that they are the exact, complete, and global opposites of the things they preach, or if it’s just the natural consequence of their utter irredeemable hypocrisy and sociopathy. In either case, I am certain that any movie or TV studio would reject this, had it come across their editing desk in script form, as being far too blatant and obvious a “hook.”