Conservatives being racist again

This is Rob Finnerty, a newsreader for Newsmax. Nice hair, strong chin, looks like a real Chad.

Also, he’s real mad about something, like a real Chad. He’s mad about the availability of dolls, which is a little off-brand for a Chad…unless he can make it about black people.

“My daughter is just a cute little 6-year-old white girl — we couldn’t find anybody that looked like my daughter,” Finnerty said in the video. “It was—the whole place, it was, like wokeified. How long has this been going on with American Girls? It was somewhat of a bizarre experience.”

“Wokeified”? This word is getting overused by the Right.

Also, he lied. Check out the American Girl store online — there’s a wide range of skin tones available. A TikToker visited the same store shortly after his rant, and found it well-stocked.

Almost immediately, Fidel noticed that the store was brimming with white dolls — not only on display but in boxes stacked high on shelves and in animated videos on the wall.

“The literal first doll that you see when you walk into the store,” Fidel says, zooming in on a smiling white doll with blond pigtails.

Fidel continues to walk around the store, recording the multitude of white dolls on shelves and in boxes. He remarks that, while the store has “thrown in some other races,” a “great portion” of the dolls on display are white.

The Root checked out the story as well.

The Root’s office is located just a few steps from the American Girl store. Our writers and editors pass by it everyday and we can clearly say the store is mostly filled with white dolls.

“Did he stop to think that perhaps all of the white dolls were sold out at the store? Was going on the American Girl website not an option for him? Surely if he did, his panic would’ve subsided,” she wrote. “In the All Dolls section, you must scroll through almost 20 white dolls before you get to a doll of color.

“I also imagine he forgot about the decades that cute, little Black and brown girls could only choose from all-white doll shelves — none of which looked anything like them. Why? Because whiteness was the default.”

You must forgive Chad…I mean, Rob. He’s not a journalist. He doesn’t actually investigate anything. He reads a teleprompter, and looks for things that will inflame his audience of old racists. He didn’t get the job because he’s perceptive, or intelligent, or well-educated, he’s there to look smart on TV. He is what he is, which is the very lowest rung on the information ladder. He’s also not a trustworthy rung, so ignore him.


  1. d3zd3z says

    I’m pretty sure Rob was offended at the doll store because there were any dolls of color there.

  2. mordred says

    @1 Yeah, it’s like with the right wingers and free speech, it’s not so much that they want their opinion broadcast, they want it to be the only opinion broadcast. See the Musktwit.

  3. kevinv says

    I’m sure he thinks any white doll that would hang out in a store with even a minimum number of dolls of other races must be “woke” and therefore not pure enough.

  4. Walter Solomon says

    The word “woke” has been compromised. I can’t take anyone who uses it seriously anymore. Certainly if you’re white and you’re using unironically, you’ll be dismissed on general principles.

  5. robro says

    Chad…I mean Rob…should perhaps take a look in the mirror. I’m not sure his appearance represents the epitome of Irish perfection. Difficult to say about his origins as he seems to be guarded about his parentage. Also, Rob has a skeleton in his closet: he struck a pedestrian in Boston while “operating under the influence”…I presume it was alcohol but Wikipedia doesn’t specify. He was charged with homicide but the charges were dropped. He did plead guilty to the OUI.

  6. raven says

    He’s mad about the availability of dolls, which is a little off-brand for a Chad…

    I see his problem.

    He is mad because there are no dolls that are like him.
    Not very bright, racist, lies a lot, and watches Fox NoNews when not babbling like a loon on Newsmax.

  7. Larry says

    I walked into a store once, looking for a white doll. When I started complaining to the store owner that I couldn’t find one and that his place was all wokeified, he told me “Sir, this is an Olive Garden.”

  8. jenorafeuer says

    Sounding like the racist version of the old bit where men can say women dominated the conversation time despite taking up less than a third of it when the recordings were checked.

  9. whywhywhy says

    Well, I now know what some of my relatives will be complaining about this coming Sunday. Thanks for the heads up PZ.

  10. unclefrogy says

    the real problem with racists is that they do not want other races to exist other then to do work that they do not want to do and then go into some kind of “limbo” until they are needed again you know not have an ordinary life like they themselves have be kind of like furniture or something
    If they did manage to eliminate all the objectionable races they would have to resort to purely a class based system so as to have lower classes to be exploited by themselves the obvious superior class of people.

  11. flange says

    @#5 Walter Solomon
    “Woke” has been appropriated by Republicans. It’s used derisively to mean any person or group that cares about people.

  12. expatlurker says

    Yes, this is how the Jews are going to take over the world. It’s the great doll replacement theory. /sarcasm

  13. brightmoon says

    I was reading an article about people complaining about Black and Asian Santas! I remember when James Brown had one of the first Black Santas on his house in Queens NYC during the 60s . People would drive past his house just to see it. That’s the last time this was “ controversial” to me. This immature conservative nutcase is 60 years out of date and needs to grow the f*** up!

  14. Walter Solomon says

    flange #15

    I’m aware of that. Hence the reason I called the word “compromised.”