Who rules the world?

I’ve been telling everyone for a long time to be nice to the spiders in your home. I wish to assure you that it’s not because my spider horde has taken control and telling me what to say. Promise.


  1. strangerinastrangeland says

    There is a clear rule in my house: Build your net on my books and you are out! Otherwise, the spiders and I live in a happy symbiosis.

  2. unclefrogy says

    the expression in the last panel is really good well done
    the only stipulation I have for spiders is do not expect that the web may get damaged from time to time and no black widows in the house or on the shelves or other places I may reach into in the garage shop.

  3. DLC says

    I have some spiders around. One arachnophile of my acquaintance informed me that the average house dweller is no more than 3m from a spider at any time during the day. I am not disturbed by that thought, but I wonder if the Geckos know about the spiders ?