Good news this morning!

The Senate passed the “Respect for Marriage” Act, which would be a federal law protecting the right of gay marriage and interracial marriage. It’s amazing to me that this could be an issue anymore, but all the Democrats voted for it, and they persuaded 12 whole Republicans to join them. Twelve is looking at the glass as a quarter full, I guess; we could also note that 36 Republicans voted against it. We really have to get rid of those ugly antiques.

Now do the same thing and pass a federal law protecting abortion rights, OK?


  1. Dr. Elementary says

    One of those Republicans is Roy Blunt, from Missouri. He’s being replaced in January by an even worse nutcase, so don’t expect that seat to actually be something to count on. He did one right thing on the way out the door…

  2. StevoR says

    YES! :-D

    Wonderfully marvellous news here and news that I’m sure is welcomed again by a majority of American people – as well as people from elsewhere around this planet we all share.

    As for abortion rights being codeified into the USA’s federal laws, didn’t Biden promise to do exactly that pre-mid terms? Can eh now pass it with enough votes? Can that – and this – withstand Trump’s treason SCOTUS?

  3. Matt G says

    The Respect for Marriage Act. Sounds like something that conservatives would come up with. Awesome how their language is being used against them.

  4. robro says

    A friend posted last night on FB that the current Congress has only 12 working days before January 3 when the Repugs take over. They’ve got a lot of business to finish: close out the January 6th investigation, evaluate Chump’s tax returns and report, pass (or repass?) this law and some others, get a settlement on the rail strike…lots to do. He called for Congress to cancel its holiday vacation, but I think that’s less likely than me winning the lottery tonight.

    Also read last night that the Respect for Marriage Act is kind of toothless. I gather it doesn’t prevent states from banning same-sex marriages but I’ll be happy to learn otherwise.

    Man, we really needed a Democratic congress for the next two years. They ain’t much, but they’re the best we’ve got.

  5. hemidactylus says

    Yeah I wouldn’t break out the champagne and cigars quite yet on this one. It applies to previous DOMA legislation that Bill Clinton signed but can it as stands devolve onto states with currently unenforceable DOMA laws still on books as with the “free” state of Florida?

    Obergefell Isn’t very celebratory for good reasons:

    And it’s in sausage making:
    “But there is a fair amount of fine print.

    First, the bill does not require all states to allow same-sex marriage, even though that is the current reality under the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision. Rather, if the Supreme Court overturned Obergefell and previous state prohibitions on same-sex marriage came back into effect, the Respect for Marriage Act would require states and the federal government to respect marriages conducted in places where it is legal.

    There are religious exceptions. Republican supporters have emphasized the elements in this Senate version that protect nonprofit and religious organizations from having to provide support for same-sex marriages.”

    So it’s something, but kinda anemic.

  6. Howard Brazee says

    The libertarian wing of the Republican party has problems because it has been in bed with the Religious Right. Well, it works when they want to give more power (and money) to the wealthy. But the Right wants the State to have the power to enforce its ideas about marriage and abortion and immigration and “freedom of religion”.

    Those are incompatible with what libertarians say they stand for.

  7. says

    My whole organization wholeheartedly supports the right of everyone to love, marry and be kind to anyone. While I know the following is distasteful, it is a reasonable question. Was this decision made under pressure to protect Clarence & Ginni (the Corrupt Scrotum Couple) and (as mock paper scissors labelled him) ‘Senatorette’ Lindsey Graham (the Crackpot Cracker)?

  8. says

    @4 robro, you mentioned the 3rd rail of ‘get a settlement on the rail strike’.
    As my friend who worked there said, railroad work is one of the most dangerous, filthy, demanding professions. The government already ‘pimped’ for the rail corporations (who are making money hand over fist without any regard for worker or passenger safety) and forced a bad contract down the throats of the rail workers unions. Now, they are going to beat the crap out of them again. Horay for the u.s.a. where Crapitallists thrive so the people can die.