Trouble brewing

Last weekend, we visited the beloved plague rat granddaughter, who was all sniffly and coughing with something she picked up at preschool. She was fine, the problem was clearing up even as we got ready to come home, so it was mainly slimy and snotty for a short while before abating.

Unfortunately, now I’m experiencing some of the same symptoms. I swear, we could all be 100% healthier if we just quarantined all the children together until they grew up and developed strong immune systems. I just gave a lecture, wearing a mask, and could feel the phlegm accumulating and getting the urge to hack it all out onto the floor. I resisted. It’s going to be rough going into the home stretch for fall semester.

Now I get to go home and get the lectures for the rest of the week done, and tomorrow I get to participate in phone interviews for chemistry candidates. I’m going to have to get something to suppress all the coughing building up in here.


  1. lb says

    I always got so incredibly sick whenever I saw my nieces in between holiday breaks from grad school. My brother would hand over a snotty, sniffly toddler he swore was not contagious and say “Kiss your auntie!” I would always spend the rest of my holiday break so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. This went on for years until they were old enough to stay far away. :-(

  2. Marshall says

    I was around a 7-month-old and her father two weekends ago, both of whom were coughing up a storm of RSV. It hit me about 4 days later and I’ve been basically flattened since then for over a week now. Here’s to you not getting hit as hard.

  3. killyosaur says

    Pretty sure my 4yo brought home RSV over a month ago, and just in time for my Wife and I to have gotten over that, she brought home the flu :P If she brings home COVID, I’m masking in my house. Don’t need the trifecta :P

  4. mordred says

    Just talked to a coworker about again avoiding the companies Christmas party. I already had either the mother of all colds or test-resistant Covid* a few weeks ago, that’s enough.

    My mother seemingly caught the Virus from me, but had a light cough for about half a day. If you survive 50 years as a kindergarten teacher, your immune system is well trained!

    There probably is no such thing, it’s just that both me and my Doctor were sure it’s Covid this time, but the tests were negative…

  5. mordred says

    Me@6: The last paragraph should be the footnote to the *.
    Did I forget the * or was it eaten by the forum software?
    * There should be an asterisk here.

  6. StevoR says

    Best wishes here and hope you recover as speedily aand as smooothly as possible. Dunno if they work for you but I find having plenty of honey and lemon – or Stout or Stone’s Green Ginger Wine really helps if those work for you – & you can get them where you are?

  7. submoron says

    I’m lucky. I can follow the advice on medicine packets: “keep out of reach and sight of children “

  8. says

    We hope for your quick and complete recovery. However, (and I’m sure people are tired of hearing this – tough) we mask-up anytime we leave the house, we’ve had 5 covid vaccinations and quad-valent, high-dose flu shots and we stay away from others who could be sources of any contagion (bacterial, viral, or socio-political).

  9. rorschach says

    Oi, PZ.
    “if we just quarantined all the children together until they grew up and developed strong immune systems”

    The immune system is not a muscle that has to be trained so that it doesn’t atrophy. It’s a photo album. No infection is better than any infection. Never fear, there are enough bacteria, fungal spores, you name it floating around in everyone’s life that the immune system doesn’t ever get bored. “Get infected to prevent infection” is quackery.