If I were the Green Lantern, I’d be worried, too

But not because it’s a giant spider — that’s just cute — but because it’s yellow.

(For those who don’t know their comic book lore, Green Lantern’s weakness was the color yellow. I know, it’s dumb.)


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Green kryptonite is also a problem. Silver- only for a subset of shape-changers.
    If you want to scare me (and Donald Trump) just shout “work”.

  2. mamba says

    (sigh) Green Lantern, holder of the most powerful weapon in the universe, able to create physical manifestations of his very imagination to create any object he can think of and will into existence, but if you throw a banana at him he’s helpless to stop it. Swing at him with a yellow-painted stick and you can beat him to death easily.

    His enemies should just paint all their gear yellow by default. Heck, if the bullets they load into their guns are yellow-painted he’s helpless to put up a shield but he’d never know that until he tried by reflex…and had his hide turned to swiss cheese before he even realizes his mistake.

    I’m glad they removed that limitation in later comics, it always rang silly.

  3. says

    One could argue that a person who is given control of a hypertech gizmo which literally makes thoughts into reality might be in danger of gradually losing the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. A seemingly-nonsensical restriction, like the “yellow weakness”, might be a tactic for helping the hyper tech gizmo’s custodians to retain their sanity.

  4. cjcolucci says

    I fully accept the One Miracle rule in comics, but it has to play out in ways that make sense. OK, GL’s ring is powerless against anything yellow. Fine. But what stops him from using the ring to pick up a big grey rock and drop it on the yellow menace?