On to Hoquiam

I’m in Washington state today, and in a few hours will be heading down to the Pacific Ocean with family to say goodbye to one of the people in this photo.

Tomi, Mike, Jim in back; Alex, Mom, Caryn, me in the middle; Bebe front.

The weather is looking a bit grey. I call upon Odin to bring down an appropriately dismal drizzly rain today.


  1. wzrd1 says

    I bid myself adeu once, to which I replied, “good riddance”. Alas, that was to my better nature.

    Seriously though, condolences on your loss.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    You and your brother look very similar.
    Good luck with the heavy task of saying goodbye. I hope you get proper sleep before the return journey.

    PS – if the eejits in admin continue to disregard the health of the employees, för Ctulhussake consider an early retirement. We want you to live past 100.

  3. ANB says

    We’re thinking of you.

    It’s an appropriate dismal, gray day (which I like) here on the northern coast of CA.

  4. says

    My condolences to you and yours. It’s a hard thing.

    And we could definitely use a rain. The wildfire smoke has been really awful this year in Issaquah and surrounding. Might be better out there in the coast though.

  5. says

    If only Odin would listen. It has been months since the PNW has had any rain worth mention.

    I hope your goodbyes go well. I’m sure he will be remembered by his family as a good man and what more can we ask but to be remembered well.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    Going off on a tangent, funerals make us think about ageing.
    A horror many of us almost-geezers fear is osteoarthritis.
    I have good news for PZ and others!

    Chondrocyte cells maintain the health of cartilage (among other things) and it has recently been found they require the protein ROR-beta to be stimulated to avoid failing. This is the kind if progress that Pharmaceutical companies are good at handling, unlike cancer or Alzheimers.
    So PZ and his generation will not be suffering this particular hardship.

  7. charley says

    Condolences on this sad day. Looks like you might have to settle for smoke instead of rain.

  8. René says

    I’ve always avoided to be seen as a fanboy, but I relate to your brother’s sad loss, and I do not know how I could help you to cope with your family’s loss — but I wholehartedly join your many friends here whishing you sympathy and strength.

  9. gypsymotopilot says

    Sorry about your family’s loss. Hopefully you haven’t had to deal with too much smoke in the air.