Weird guy, weird senate race

Pennsylvania politics is taking a twisty and unsavory turn. It seems Oz has a long fascination with drinking urine.

OK, it’s odd and rather woo-wooish (but then we knew he was a quack), but what’s particularly annoying is the lying. Med schools don’t expect you to taste urine. It’s not part of modern medical diagnostics. Historically, it was a test to diagnose diabetes, but Oz is not a centuries-old doctor who might have done such a thing. I like CD’s take: it’s a kink that isn’t going to endear you to the voters, but if you’re doing it at home, it’s not something that would disqualify you for office. If you’re trying to promote it as a tool for better health, though, you’re wrong and you’re a quack.


  1. snarkrates says

    You know, you couldn’t say this about many people, but this might be the least creepy thing about Oz.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    And yet the only thing the media is wringing their hands over is the fact that Fetterman needs a closed captioning device for an interview. So nice to know our nation’s priorities are straight.

  3. tedw says

    I went to med school in the 1980s and we certainly didn’t taste our urine, but there was a joke (probably apocryphal) played on the less observant students, wherein the prankster would stick his middle finger in a specimen cup with a patient’s urine, then stick his index finger in his mouth while proclaiming the patient’s blood sugar was some number (which he had looked up ahead of time) based on the taste, then invite the mark to follow suit and taste for himself. Perhaps Dr. Oz fell for this as a student?

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    Drinking urine has a long history within Vedic traditions, and I’ve heard it continues widely across India.

    Could this fetish have set down roots in Turkey somehow? Or perhaps Oz has the notion that this affinity-signal will inspire India’s PM Narendra Modi to recognize a fellow-spirit and carry out a Putinesque intervention to save Oz’s Senate campaign?

  5. submoron says

    Didn’t Moraji Desai wash himself with his urine? I have an idea that when he visited the USSR they greeted him with a handshake rather than the usual Russian hug.
    There was a Blackadder episode where people on an expedition drank urine… So?

  6. birgerjohansson says

    I hope Fetterman is bringing this up in every TV ad!
    If the senate race was not so crucial, it would be fun getting Herschel Walker there, disgracing the GOP with new scandalous statements every week.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    Urine… As many of you will know, I love the podcast God Awful Movies.
    The ‘documentary’ Level was made by flat-Earthers including a guy who used urine to wash himself with as well as drink.
    My reaction: We need to get more people like this into the Republican party. Donate!

  8. imthegenieicandoanything says

    The comment about urine is what we still simple humans hear, but it’s another dog-whistle to the self-loathing fascist white racists that make up 95% of the Republican Fascist Party of today. They hear “I’m a celebrity, so don’t you want to eat my shit?” And. it’s a rhetorical question, because they most certainly do, knowing how vile it will taste and how dangerous consuming it might be for their bodies.

  9. cheerfulcharlie says

    Google for:
    The Pisse Prophet. Thomas Brian 1637

    And, A Piss Pot Prophet John Collon

    This was ancient quackery and recognized as such centuries ago. And of course we have piss drinking Ayervedic quackery and not to mention Mohammad’s camel piss cure all. And then there is Pornhub.

  10. Snarki, child of Loki says

    Want to know why Oz included asparagus on his “veggie tray”?
    Urine luck!

  11. says

    The most unusual thing about all this is that “Dr.” Oz is telling people to drink something they don’t have to buy from him or any of his fellow con-artists.