Jackie Chan of the spider world

They’re a little guy, capable of absurd acrobatic stunts to take out a bigger opponent. It’s Euryopis umbilicata!

“It has this crazy way of hurtling itself at an ant, doing this fabulous cartwheel then, like Spider-Man, attaching a piece of silk in mid-air to the ant,” said the study’s senior author, Prof Mariella Herberstein of Macquarie University.

“Then it keeps on twirling away from the ant while the ant is being captured. At that stage [the prey’s] fate is sealed.”

I’ll have to see it to believe it.

Yep. That’s Drunken Spider style.

I’ll have to show the video to my spider colony. They have a rather sedate and unspectacular style of just charging forward and stabbing their prey with a venomous fang, no flash or style.