Traitors, traitors, traitors

I did not watch the Jan. 6 Committee hearings last night, but my wife did. I’m suffering from a serious lack of capacity to sit in horror watching pretty much anything, and today I’m waiting on medical information. Yesterday I got an X-ray to check out the state of my spine, and now that they know I’ve got one (it’s leaked out that I’m a registered Democrat, so the existence of a spine had to be tested first), I’m awaiting a probable MRI and an informed treatment plan.

I’ve seen a bit of the hearings on video, and caught up with summaries in the newspapers. At least I’ve confirmed that Liz Cheney has a spine, I guess my party had to import a Republican to get one.

I like the tenor so far: this was a violent insurrection by traitors to the country, and the person responsible was the man at the top, Donald J. Trump. They’re definitely implying that the end result of these hearings is going to be justice for the wicked, and they’re doing a fine job of laying the groundwork of the magnitude of the crime, but I’ve been an American for so long that I’ve become cynical, so I’m anticipating a failure of nerve and a complete collapse of the case, followed by a feeble handslap and prizes and applause for the assholes who collaborated, but are now playing the role of pious witnesses (I see you, Bill Barr and Jared and Ivanka Trump, you ought to be in a holding cell right now.)

I’m just saying, I don’t expect the Democrats or the media to maintain a strong position. Liz Cheney might, though.

Tell me I’m wrong. I wish I had more faith in our political system.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Since the top Democrats love watered-down bipartisan deals that keep their corporate donors happy, you might as well recruit Republicans from the Lincoln Project to be the new leaders. They are horrible, but they do not back down unlike the limp wimps of D.
    I am reminded of the urban gothic stories where post-apocalyptic townspeople hires a vampire to fight off the roaming gangs.

  2. says

    I thought they did a good job. Watching Ivanka and Jared both cooly admit they did not believe the election was stolen was freaky. Jared could play Hannibal Lecter; he’d nail it. Lots of creepy people.

    They are building the case that the proud boys and oath keepers were there to stop the certification. I bet that they are gonna hammer on that for a while and drop reciepts that they were financially supported by the Trump campaign, or Rudy or Meadows. Its a good line of attack.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Marcus Ranum @ 4
    But that does not count. Meadows is a Republican.
    (villain in Lethal Weapon:”Diplomatic immunity!)

  4. kenbakermn says

    I’m reminded of an SNL sketch depicting a news program with democrats talking about all the horrible things republicans are doing and what the consequences should be, followed by Kenan Thompson saying “ain’t nothing gonna happen.”

  5. raven says

    Traitors, traitors, traitors

    Sums it up nicely.
    And this wasn’t the first time Trump and the GOP were traitors. Don’t forget the first impeachment of Trump.


    The inquiry reported that Trump withheld military aid[a] and an invitation to the White House to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy in order to influence Ukraine to announce an investigation into Trump’s political opponent Joe Biden and to promote a discredited conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia, was behind interference in the 2016 presidential election. A phone call between Trump and Zelenskyy on July 25, 2019, was particularly important—whistleblower Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was a participant in the call, and later informed Congress.[4]

    Trump tried to sell out Ukraine to the Russians because they wouldn’t lie about Joe Biden.
    If Trump and the GOP were in power now, we would be watching the Russians genocide the Ukrainians on TV every night. We might even be helping them.

  6. raven says

    I’m suffering from a serious lack of capacity to sit in horror watching pretty much anything, …

    Yeah, I’m finally getting burned out by all the disasters around me, some of which effect me directly.
    A partial list.

    Dodging death from a novel virus, Covid-19 for two years.
    Watching the US Democracy circle around the drain as the GOP devises ever more elaborate ways to cheat to win elections and power.
    Watching 6 non-elected Catholic judges wreck a nation of 331 million people by legalizing female slavery and forced birthing.
    Watching Russian tanks blow up every morning, followed by frequent threats from Russian state TV to kill me and a few tens of millions of my friends using nuclear weapons.
    Plus the ongoing attempted genocide of the Ukrainians by the Russians.
    Raging inflation for the first time in two generations.
    Supply chain problems trying to buy the right cat food.

    It might be time to take a vacation from reality, the media, and the internet for a while.

  7. says

    @raven: what you need is a good trip to the moon!!

    No, wait, nevermind. I’m gonna see if I can still rollerskate. More time in emergency rooms will distract me.

  8. Akira MacKenzie says

    I can’t bring my self to watch the hearings. I know that it will accomplish nothing. Biden and Garland are too much “old school” politicians who think the right is something you must wheel and deal with rather than seek to destroy. They’ll give Trump and pass in the name of unity, bipartisanship, and to “heal the wounds between blah blah blah…” just like Dems have always done in the face of right-wing domestic terrorism.

  9. larpar says

    Follow the money.
    I think the Committee will show a direct link between the funding of the Oath Keepers/ Proud Boys and Trump (via Rudy).
    Speculation on my part, but, from watching the hearing, I think this is the direction the Committee is heading.

  10. StevoR says

    @10. Akira MacKenzie : I so hope you are wrong. After this many times and this many examples.. surely even the Democrats have learned ..

  11. StevoR says

    George Takei tweeted a Liz Cheney quote which sums it up well :

    LIz Cheney to the GOP

    There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone..But your dishonour will remain.


  12. birgerjohansson says

    Life is good.
    Rick Perry is angry with Liz Cheney because she has said he is one of the congressmen that tried to get presidential pardons for their roles in the insurrection.
    Cheney is not backing one inch, which is implying she has the messages.
    Perry encrypts his messages (as all innocent people do) so Cheney and the comitte must have received the content from a source that has cooperated.
    (purrs like the evil cat in Tom and Jerry)

  13. birgerjohansson says

    Also, it is interesting that a Republican congresswoman has had more ‘cojones’ than most leading Democrats when it comes to pushing back at asshole Republicans. Might this imply something about their comittment?

  14. wzrd1 says

    Oh, come on now, stop being so cynical. OK, stop being a realist…
    After all, we all know how long Tricky Dick spent in prison for all of his crimes, right? It’s not as if there was a blatant deletion of a public record for 18 1/2 minutes, no organized burglary to actually steal an election or even collusion for an adversary in war to ensure he’d get elected and be the hero removing troops from an unpopular war (on NSA tape, as was Saint Reagan conspiring with Iran). Nope, all got safely incarcerated and justice was served.
    I’m not sure which universe that happened in though.

  15. magistramarla says

    I’ve read some commentary by retired lawyers that the bombshell about the congress critters asking for pardons had them excited. They seemed to feel that, if provable, this would amount to an admission of guilt. They are anxiously awaiting the list of names.
    I truly hope that they are right. Wouldn’t it be great to see them charged with crimes (sedition, maybe)?

  16. charley says

    Meanwhile, right wing yokels like my in-laws, who I am visiting for a few days, won’t see any of it. Instead, they watch Tucker Carlson rant ad-free while the hearing aired on other networks.

  17. Akira MacKenzie says

    StevoR @ 14

    I hope I’m wrong too, I’ve been disappointed far too many times to be optimistic

  18. Akira MacKenzie says


    I hope I’m wrong too, but I’ve been disappointed far too many times to be optimistic.

  19. silvrhalide says

    @19 The legal premise, apparently, is that you wouldn’t need a pardon if you didn’t commit a crime (or felony), therefore you are tacitly or implicitly admitting to committing a crime (or felony). [The Better Half works for a law firm in which one of the senior partners was also the chairman of the state Republican party but he was also a Never Trumper like Liz, so he lost (was forced out of) the chair. Apparently the office pool/spitballing/red team-blue team office atmosphere is thick enough to cut with a knife.]

    It’s also one of the reasons that some people who were offered presidential pardons were on the fence about preemptively accepting them. Talk about legal dilemmas…

    @16 Pretty much all federal government emails are encrypted, as are most, if not all government contractors and subcontractors. This ensures that the email accounts are harder to hack and that the emails can only be read on government devices, which have the decryption keys. Which means that all access is tracked. It also lets you know who accessed what, on which device, the location, time, etc. It prevents North Korea or Russia or China from getting the specs for the next warplane or missile or the software defenses of the Federal Reserve. Would you be okay knowing your tax returns were being accessed by unauthorized individuals? Or that the FBI was viewing all your phone calls, emails, etc. without a warrant? Of how about a bitter ex who works for the government and wants to stalk you in real time? Or steal your money? Or dig up dirt with which to blackmail you?
    Imagine Linda Tripp being able to access Bill Clinton’s or Monica Lewinski’s emails, phone calls, etc.
    Now imagine that it’s YOUR stuff that she’s going through.
    Imagine the asshole insurrectionists pawing through Congressional desks and emails… but they can’t get the emails or any other file from the computers because they’re encrypted. Are you okay with those idiots being able to access your records and information?
    Bet encryption doesn’t look so sinister now.

    Why would Liz Cheney give a fart in the wind about Rick Perry? Liz apparently has lady balls of steel and Rick is fluffier than his Hair Club for Men ‘do. Rick was Secretary of the Dept. of Energy and was too stupid to know what that job actually was. Clearly peroxide and hairspray killed off some important brain cells in that guy.

    Sure, Liz Cheney is almost certainly going to lose her seat but I’m sure daddy Darth Cheney has arranged for a soft landing in some corporate no-show job. It’s Wyoming after all, there’s a reason that it’s known as the Onshore Offshore. It’s hard to say who has more dodgy money and corporate HQ scams–the Cayman Islands or Wyoming.

    @3 Watching Jared shuffle his way through the interview and explain how he wasn’t really to blame or wasn’t really involved because he was too involved with the vast quantities of presidential pardons was priceless. It was like watching devolution in real time. Another 10 minutes and he would have morphed into HG Wells’ fitfully flopping football object.

    The beauty of the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers’ involvement is that apparently (thanks to the British documentary filmmaker) there is evidence that the whole thing was preplanned AND these assholes were funded in crypto… crypto remembers your greasy little paw prints forever. And who you got the crypto from and who you sold it to (and finding out what you bought and sold with it isn’t so hard either). That’s the whole point of the blockchain. Blockchain is a prosecutor’s dream come true.

    Watching Meadows decline Don Jr.’s call will never not be cryingly funny.

  20. Rich Woods says

    @Marcus Ranum #9:

    More time in emergency rooms will distract me.

    They have the best drugs. It’s surprising just how relaxing muscle relaxants can be. Or maybe I’d just become jaded.

    Of course the disadvantage is that you actually have to be diagnosed with an injury first, but still…

  21. John Morales says

    I saw it.

    Rather impressed by Liz Cheney, to be honest.

    (Yeah, I know it’s half kabuki, but still)

  22. Tethys says

    I’m quite impressed with Liz Cheney doing her job , and refusing to kowtow to the bootlicking fascist trend of her own party.

    However, this comment is utter bullshit.

    Birger Johanneson. Also, it is interesting that a Republican congresswoman has had more ‘cojones’ than most leading Democrats when it comes to pushing back at asshole Republicans. Might this imply something about their comittment?

    She doesn’t have cajones, she has integrity.

    I think impeaching that pos twice was in fact what the Democrat faction did, but both efforts were quashed by a corrupt GOP senate.

    But let’s not let reality interfere with bashing the side that is currently prosecuting the attempted coup. Putting Liz Cheney in charge of the bi-partisan panel to investigate the attack is a smart idea, regardless of affiliation. It’s not the fault of the Dems that the other party that currently holds power and elected office has descended into mass hysteria and idolizing a tyrant over any other considerations. That’s why they aren’t on the panel in the first place!

  23. chrislawson says


    Encrypting messages should not be taken as evidence of wrong-doing. Everything else they did, though…

  24. jrkrideau says

    @7 raven
    Trump tried to sell out Ukraine to the Russians because they wouldn’t lie about Joe Biden.

    Why “sell out’? The USA had no treaty responsibility to support Ukraine. It is not a member of NATO even. IIRC, Obama was completely opposed to such lethal weapons shipments.

    Just normal grifter extortion on Trump’s part. He needed some dirt and tried blackmail. Totally normal Trump behaviour.

    One could even argue that giving those weapons to Ukraine helped provoke the Russian “Special Military Operation” (AKA invasion).

  25. John Morales says



    Why “sell out’?

    Because a commitment had already been made. Duh.

    The USA had no treaty responsibility to support Ukraine.

    Only its own Congressional mandate.


    IIRC, Obama was completely opposed to such lethal weapons shipments.

    Yeah, but the Orange One was POTUS during all of this, so that’s utterly irrelevant.

    One could even argue that giving those weapons to Ukraine helped provoke the Russian “Special Military Operation” (AKA invasion).

    If one wanted to be utterly pwnd by so doing, I suppose so.
    Let’s not forget it was Russia who conquered Crimea and a some other bits of Ukraine by force of arms back in 2014.

    (One could argue it was Russian aggression that provoked that desire for arms in the first place. After Russia signed a treaty back when Ukraine ditched all of its nuclear weapons)

  26. unclefrogy says

    thanks for hitting the high points! some true perspective is appreciated

  27. Tethys says

    I will blame Putins war on Putin and Russia. It’s logically ridiculous to blame anyone but the aggressor, regardless of the fact that Ukraine has some military weapons. America doesn’t get pissy about Canada or Mexico having a military, and I’m fairly certain they don’t live in fear that the US will invade them.
    In contrast, Russia has quite the history of invading/ using their military on their neighbors.

    America is merely sticking to its previous agreements, and IMO, morally owes Ukraine for inflicting tfg and his fellow weasels on their country.

  28. flange says

    This is all a good start. But I’m absolutely certain that Donald Trump will never be a defendant in a courtroom, far less, a prisoner in jail, as he should be.

  29. John Morales says

    flange, no, but it might help it to become more normal to not endorse what Trump sought to do.

    More patriotic to not do so, even.

    (I did not miss the less-than subtle subtext; the well-merited appeal to patriotism and honour)

  30. birgerjohansson says

    Tethys @ 25
    Yes, in this case a Republican has integrity.
    And more fighting spirit than the masters of the strategical retreat, aka the Demicratic ‘leaders’ (are you leading if you are moving in reverse?).
    I believe the imperial Japanese army used to call it “a retrograde movement”.

  31. iiandyiiii says

    It’s a strange world when some corporatist warmongers like Liz Cheney actually some of the strongest allies in this fight against American fascism.

  32. birgerjohansson says

    John Morales @ 24
    Better 50% kabuki than 95%
    (did I mention my disdain for the Demicratic leadership?).

  33. birgerjohansson says

    Regarding the claims of “provoking” Russia:
    Putin recently held a speech at an exhibition themed around Peter the Great.
    He basically said Russia has a right to “take back everything that belongs to it” referring to the expansionist wars of Peter the Great .
    The Russian parliament has also declared the recognition of Lithuania’s independence under Gorbachev to be illegal.
    Putin stated his ambitions as early as 2005, and this confirmed he has always been out to reclaim the old borders.

  34. consciousness razor says


    She doesn’t have cajones, she has integrity.

    She’s a product of nepotism, whose childhood dream seems to have been specializing in regime change, who also makes a habit of supporting torture, guns, environmental destruction, the oppression of women and LGBTQ people, and of course capitalism.


    It’s a strange world when some corporatist warmongers like Liz Cheney actually some of the strongest allies in this fight against American fascism.

    Neocons like Cheney can understandably see that kind of instability as a national security threat. But make no mistake that it’s about “America first” (as opposed to something like “Trump first”), which is not at all a form of anti-fascism.

  35. consciousness razor says

    John Morales:

    More patriotic to not do so, even.

    Yes, that’s more or less the idea: it’s “patriotic” to be a flag-waving imperialist whose primary goal is for the US to be as strong as possible. Again, that’s nothing like opposing fascism, just as it wasn’t with her father, George W. Bush, Rumsfeld, etc.

  36. birgerjohansson says

    Also, Putin said about Peter the Great that the territories he conquered had always been poulated by slavs and finn-ugric people living ‘side by side’.
    This is a Fox News-level lie aimed at low-information listeners.
    Ingermanland, Livonia Estonia and southern Karelia were inhabited by Finn-Ugric language people* under the rule of the Swedish king. Some of the territories had briefly been under the rule of the Republic of Novgorod, but they just taxed the areas, they did not colonize the land with slavic farmers.

    *Livonia was further to the South and the language may have been influenced by the balto-slavic language of Lithuania. But if you ask the Lithuanians if they are Russians the amswer is a big NO!
    -So if you hear anyone making excuses for the Russian expansionism, call them out on their bullshit.

  37. consciousness razor says

    The upshot is that you might be able to convince a lot of conservatives to abandon the Trump cult, on the basis that it weakens the country. It’s at least an argument that’s worth trying. But there are plenty who’ve already done that over the last several years, so at this point we’re probably looking at diminishing returns. The others have the intuition that it simply isn’t the case that it’s weakened the country, and I guess they take “MAGA” as a coherent policy strategy/worldview which has somehow strengthened it.

  38. Tethys says

    I’m surprised Liz Cheney is acting like a Republican with integrity. I suspect it is partly motivated by a personal grudge against the current asshats of the GOP who have punished her for not falling into their MAGA line.

    I find it bizarre that anyone thinks there aren’t are Dems on this panel. Or that the Dems following the rules and laws is somehow a weak retreat. They impeached that pos for Russian collusion. Mitch McConnell is the reason they had to impeach him again. Don’t forget that McConnells wife was in tfgs cabinet. Those two deserve a nice firing squad, as traitors..

  39. consciousness razor says

    I’m surprised Liz Cheney is acting like a Republican with integrity.

    There are no such people. It would mean just as much to say she’s acting like a unicorn that farts rainbows, because that’s also a thing that doesn’t exist and thus doesn’t act.

  40. consciousness razor says

    I suspect it is partly motivated by a personal grudge against the current asshats of the GOP who have punished her for not falling into their MAGA line.

    This would require time travel or retrocausality, because the punishment you describe came after, so it did not motivate her behaviors that came before and prompted said punishment.

  41. Tethys says


    I think Liz Cheney is righteously pissed at the maga brained zombies of her party, the attempted coup, AND the ensuing censure which she has gotten from party.

    No time travel or unicorns are needed to understand why she is one of the few members of her caucus who is not a maga brained dolt.
    I give her grudging respect for that.

    How long did McCarthyism last? It seems an appropriate parallel to the current state of the GOP.

  42. consciousness razor says

    No time travel or unicorns are needed to understand why she is one of the few members of her caucus who is not a maga brained dolt.

    I know, and I explained how it can be understood just fine without such things. You’re the one who seemed to need a reminder of this, because for whatever reason you thought you had to claim that she has integrity. She doesn’t — what a preposterous thing to say. She merely happens to be aligned with you on an issue, for the shittiest of reasons imaginable. If that’s all it took to have “integrity,” then everybody has it, including Trump of course. But that’s obviously not what it takes.

  43. Rob Grigjanis says

    cr @47: “Integrity” implies adhering to the principles you espouse. AFAICT, Cheney has done that. Trump has clearly shown that he has no principles other than his own personal aggrandisement. I think Cheney’s principles are largely atrocious, but if you think she has departed from them, please provide evidence.

  44. Tethys says

    I’m sure she has other motives, but since she is displaying actual integrity by following the law rather than attempting to sweep the coup attempt under the rug, I’m ok with using the word integrity rather than cajones to describe a person who is doing the right thing despite enormous amounts of shit from her caucus.

  45. numerobis says

    What a surprise that the pro-Russian imperialist jrkrideau defends Trump now.

  46. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 46

    How long did McCarthyism last?

    Considering a politician can’t suggest even the most basic form of government intervention without the right branding them a “Communist”,” I’d say McCarthyism is still going strong.

  47. StevoR says

    @ ^ Akira MacKenzie : Sadly yes. McCarthyism in essence wiped out the left wing of politics in the USA leaving you with centre right and far reichwings only. However,as a rule its associated with the 1950’s depsite the lingering and ongoing damage. wikipedia notes :

    McCarthyism declined following a series of SCOTUS rulings by the Warrren court. Now imagine if that hadn’t been there and SCOTUS was a tool of the then McCarthyists. Well, here we are SCOTUS stacked with Trumpists. A juduical coup caused by Republican refusal to appoint Obama’s nominee when they should have and then ramming through 3 ultra-far right wing radical crooks and liars. So that’s broken and not likely to help stop the unAmerican treason of the Trump mob this time.

    Famously associated with ending McCarthyism too was the exchange at the Army–McCarthy hearings with lawyer Joseph Welch famously confronting McCarthy with :

    You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

    Source :

    I guess we can hope that the current Jan. 6 Committee hearings provide such an iconic moment maybe?

    We can also hope I guess that Trump’s health gives out and thatwhen Trump dies or falls too ill to pose a serious threat and them his cult fades and collapses in his absence.

    Both those things seem fragile straws to hold the metaphorical weight of a Democracy that appears rapidly sliding if not already nearly at fascism. Ot at least “competitive authoritarianism” / Kakistocratic Murdochcracy. As Akira MacKenzie noted, the damage from mcCarthyiosm is ongoingand severe and thedamage from Trumpism likely will also be on-going and sevre. So how much more can the USA’s Democracy take? Dunno.

    BTW. Pretty good article summing things up here I think :

  48. rrutis1 says

    Of course she has other motives, she gets to play the “adult” republican which will appeal to moderate and independent votors for her run at president in 6 years. I say 6 instead of 2 because it is my guess that the marketing people politicians use advise that the longer she can hold off a run the longer the public will have to forget the link to the Cheney name and how bad it is.

  49. Tethys says


    I am in agreement about the elder Cheney. That man was a horror show, and I don’t think the public is going to forget his evil warmongering.

    However, as the daughter of a similarly horrid man, I object to tarring offspring. Liz Cheney has benefitted from nepotism, and supported everything tfg did while he was fouling up the White House.

    I suspect that support evaporated once the riot became an attack on congress. She is one of few in her caucus that will even acknowledge that her party has been hijacked by tfg, and descended into a fascist, He-Man woman haters club. Funded by Putin!

    I hope she has had her authoritarian core belief system completely demolished by being on the receiving end of the violence and sexism. Her actions are consistent with that hope.

    Oddly enough, my horrid Republican father refuses to discuss tfg ever since the attack. Mental shunning is a good sign in an authoritarian. They are all about hierarchy, order, and rules.

  50. consciousness razor says

    I hope she has had her authoritarian core belief system completely demolished by being on the receiving end of the violence and sexism. Her actions are consistent with that hope.

    Incredible. Here are her actions back here in the real world. All of these were after January 6, 2021, and she voted against all of them:
    H.R. 1, For the People Act
    H.R. 4, John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act
    H.R. 5, Equality Act
    H.R. 6, American Dream and Promise Act
    H.R. 7, Paycheck Fairness Act
    H.R. 8, Bipartisan Background Checks Act
    H.J.Res. 17, Removing the deadline for the ratification of the equal rights amendment
    S.J.Res. 33, Joint resolution relating to increasing the debt limit
    H.R. 239, Equal Access to Contraception for Veterans Act
    H.R. 256, To repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002
    H.R. 803, Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act
    H.R. 842, Protecting the Right to Organize Act
    H.R. 1065, Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
    H.R. 1195, Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act
    H.R. 1280, George Floyd Justice in Policing Act
    H.R. 1319, American Rescue Plan Act
    H.R. 1443, LGBTQ Business Equal Credit Enforcement and Investment Act
    H.R. 1466, Enhanced Background Checks Act
    H.R. 1620, Violence Against Women Act Reautorization Act
    H.R. 2119, Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act
    H.R. 2377, Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act
    H.R. 2547, Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act
    H.R. 5314, Protecting Our Democracy Act
    H.R. 5376, Build Back Better Act
    H.R. 5665, Combating International Islamophobia Act
    H.R. 7688, Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act
    H.R. 7790, Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act
    H.R. 7910, Protecting Our Kids Act

    Also, she didn’t vote on H.R. 3755, Women’s Health Protection Act. And of course she voted for totally predictable things like tons of extra military spending, for CIA agents claiining to have Havana syndrome, and more for the Iron Dome.

    In other words, still the same piece of shit that she always was. Honestly, I skipped over a bunch, because it just started to feel too much like beating a dead horse…. Anyway, those are just some of the highlights in only the last year and half.

    But! She did get in front of cameras and read a script saying some words you liked.

  51. John Morales says

    consciousness razor:

    But! She did get in front of cameras and read a script saying some words you liked.

    Yes. And not only that, she was impressive at it.

    Gogent. Sober. On-point. Obviously not a dotard. Focused. And so on.

    In other words, still the same piece of shit that she always was.

    In other words, you can’t even acknowledge any good coming from such as her, you can’t afford even the slightest bit of credit to be given, however merited it may be.

    (Can’t even acknowledge competence)

  52. astringer says

    OT I’ve noticed the use of ‘horror show’ occasionally on this blog, (Tethys 55 here), used in the literally sense (=bad). I grew up in the shadow of Kubric’s nadsat (xorošo = “well, good”), and wonder whether this use is an inverted reflection, (from older memory or echo), or just coincident?

  53. Kagehi says

    My own cynical take on this is that, at least among most of the “sane” Republicans, and this is a bit like calling some religious groups sane, just because, while spreading all the same poison, they don’t arm themselves in a compound and start handing out flavoraid, but basically the ones striving for power, but not buying into the insanity, like MTG does, for example, are looking at the situation and thinking, “How do we lose as few on our side as we can, while scapegoating Trump?” Its about damage control. They can’t, especially with the Dems actually being competent in the hearing, spin this as a false attack on Trump. So.. they have to try to save as many of their own asses as they can, by telling the truth for once, but also placing as much blame as they possibly can on him, and not on themselves, while also still implying that he only went bug nuts “after” the election, and all the crap he pulled before (never mind how insane some of that was too, when he didn’t get something immediately, or what he wanted), was totally just “sensible policy”.

  54. Tethys says

    Oddly enough, I haven’t watched any of the screen coverage that is supposedly informing my opinion. I don’t even own a television.

    I read multiple news sources, but have long found mass media news is nothing but corporate level white male supremacy in action.

    An excerpt from comment #50 in the infinite thread, which goes on at length on the subject.

    This is because the press has chosen to accommodate the Republican Party in a very specific way:
    1. It normalizes the Republican agenda.
    2. It normalizes framing the responsibility for stopping that agenda as ultimately being on Democrats.
    Think about it: white supremacy is not allowed to be viewed as a “messaging problem.” Even when it’s a threat to democracy. Because if it’s a “messaging problem”, to Republicans, that sounds you’re telling them that’s a problem they have to solve.
    Anyway, I made this thread mostly because I realize that the press has a “messaging problem.” Namely, in the sense that they seem extremely averse to explicitly identifying the message of the Republican Party. It’s called white male supremacy. Thanks for reading.

    It seems to be a knee jerk reaction for Republicans to commit ever more egregious acts of fascism, and a bunch of people start complaining that it’s because of ‘weak’ Dems.

    That’s like blaming POC for not fixing racism, or women for not fixing sexism.

    How do we fix that?