I am a man, and a teacher

Fuck David Mamet. What an ass.

You know, when a man announces that men are predatory and prone to pedophilia, he’s actually talking about his own attitudes. Please keep Mamet away from kids and from schools.


  1. simonhadley says

    Egad, being a teacher at any level is hard enough without people like Mamet projecting their own predilections so hard.

  2. ardipithecus says

    I would phase it a bit more broadly: Keep Mamet away from people and institutions.

  3. Snarki, child of Loki says

    “This is classic projection, isn’t it?”

    I always find it very satisfying when MAGAts and other horribles are doing projection.

    Load ’em into the trebuchet.

  4. hillaryrettig1 says

    Some old white men – like him and Sam Elliott – really hate that they’re no longer center stage.

    His decision to appear on Fox at all speaks volumes. At least Elliott made what finally seems like a sincere apology for his asinine homophobic comments last week.

  5. pilgham says

    @5 Sam Elliot is still finding work. I had completely forgotten David Mamet existed,. Although I recognize lines from Glengarry, Glen Ross (because it’s constantly being quoted), I couldn’t, until five minutes ago, remember who wrote it. I expect Aaron Sorkin will chime in too.

  6. cmconnelly says

    I’m not sure Mamet hasn’t always thought that way about teaching (see, for example, Oleanna), but right after 9/11 he went full-blown right-wing crazy. Like Dawkins.

  7. cartomancer says

    Yes, fuck this suppurating pile of bile and hate back to the haunted mirror he manifested from.

    I grew up in a world where the media was always implying that gay men are sexual predators, out to get children. From 1988 to 2003 the UK laboured under the nasty Section 28 law that did much the same as your current crop of “no promotion of the gays in school” bills. I wasn’t a teacher at the time, though I am now.

    I was saddled with a sense of shame and anxiety about my sexuality, thanks to these bastards. I grew up feeling there was something sordid and wrong and inappropriate about it – not just homosexuality, but sexuality in general. I still suffer greatly from this start in life. I’ve never had any confidence in expressing my sexuality, never been able to approach people properly, always feeling slightly wrong about admitting this. I grew up compartmentalising this part of myself to such an extent that I am still not comfortable reconciling it with the rest of me.

    And a big part of that was the suggestion that my sexuality was inherently predatory and inappropriate.

    You’re not going to win, though, bigots. All you’re doing is making a generation of teachers, and LGBT+ teachers in particular, all the more determined to give the next generation the information, support and acceptance our generation didn’t.

    But, nevertheless, fuck you all and the arseholes you talk from.

  8. uncategory says

    In addition to clearly admitting his own predatory pedo urges (he is a man, after all, a predator by his own definition), he may also believe that teachers molest children because of his own experience. I am a queer woman, and I am always amazed by the number of men who admit to me about being molested as a child. For some reason, they think that my orientation makes me a safe person to tell this to.

    It is not teachers, though, that people tell me about. It seems to be older friends of the family, youth group leaders, or coaches. That is not to say that teachers are immune from being predators, just that if I had to guess between a teacher and a youth pastor which one was the pedophile, I know whom I would pick.

  9. Pierce R. Butler says

    Mamet schmamet – teachers, watch out for Tucker Carlson fans:


    blockquote>I don’t understand where the men are. Like where are the dads? You know, some teacher’s pushing sex values on your third grader why don’t you go in and thrash the teacher? Like this is an agent of the government pushing someone else’s values on your kid about sex, like where’s the pushback?



  10. Walter Solomon says

    Now that the opinions of irrelevant, has-been writers are in demand, I expect Pat Condell to be making the rounds anytime now.

  11. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 12

    It’s been so long since I heard from that shithead I’d forgotten who he was.

  12. lanir says

    Okay… I guess let’s break down this brief turd polishing segment.

    “… people who are, whether they know it or not, sexual predators…”

    Yeah no. That’s not how that works. How do I know? Because everyone does. If you’ve ever thought someone is attractive without immediately walking up to them and propositioning them for sex, you’re aware this is BS. That time between attraction and action is where you realize who you’re attracted to and stop yourself from doing something wrong, if you have attractions that are inappropriate.

    “… they’re abusing them mentally.”

    A casual, throw-away accusation referencing only his other accusation which is supported solely by this accusation. Circular logic, see circular definition. Circular definintion, see circular logic.

    “… teachers are inclined to pedophilia…”

    Because interest in anyone or anything is always directly equal to sexual interest for this guy, I guess? If you believe this you also believe all parents are pedophiles. The nice person who helps a lost child find their parents in a mall is a pedophile targeting that child until they restore them to their parents, who are also pedophiles targeting that child. It’s an endless rabbit hole.

    Overall that’s a lot of nonsense to cram into 52 seconds. And it doesn’t address anything real about pedophilia either. Fear mongering about the topic doesn’t help in any way. Anyone who actually cared about this issue would be promoting sound ideas that helped victims escape the situations that cause them to be victims (at the very least). And promoting programs to help people with inappropriate attractions for children to find mental health help and more appropriate outlets for their sexuality, so they don’t create victims. Fear mongering makes both of those things far less likely to happen.

  13. wzrd1 says

    Interestingly, there’s also a massive effort to defend Gaetz’s statutory rape and Mann Act violations.
    What an odd serendipity or something. obviously not planned at all!
    Or something.

    When the fuckers give you a shiny, look for what else the fuckers are trying to do.
    It’s what I’d do in their position.

  14. StevoR says

    @15. Raging Bee : Suspected child rapist and good friend of Epstein who wished convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well.

    Remember : https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-22/ghislaine-maxwell-donald-trump-wish-her-well-jeffrey-epstein/12479826

    Oh and there’s also this long list :


    Plus of course Trump boasting about being able to get away with sexual assault openly –


    and still win the undemocratic Electoral College if not the popular vote. For fuck’s sake.

    Why is Trump still a free man at all? Trump should’ve been arrested then, he should have been arrested the second he ceased being POTUS, he should still be arrested now.

  15. birgerjohansson says

    The point of fearmongering is to instill fear, not to help people.
    If people are calm, they risk making rational decisions about who* to support.

    is it whom? My Merican is imperfect.

  16. PaulBC says

    I read the NYT article and that is quite enough. I don’t spend much time thinking about David Mamet. He’s certainly written some quotable dialogue like “Third prize is you’re fired.” Maybe those who enjoyed Glengarry Glen Ross got it all wrong. It’s not black comedy. It’s his idea of how things should work.

    Mamet aside, is there just something that happens, mostly I have say to white men in “creative” fields who you’d think would be smart enough to know better. Something snaps and they’re no longer funny or insightful or anything. They’re just conservative shills. I think it has something to do with feeling their entitlement is threatened. Inasmuch as it catches fans by surprise, it is often predictable. E.g. when Dennis Miller flipped and suddenly thought “Neville Chamberlain” was the world’s funniest punchline, it’s not like he was ever really liberal. He could be funny, though, until he became a tool of the right.

    It could be kind of a libertarian streak that shows up in those who have lived such a life of privilege that they think libertarianism would actually work, and it just pisses them off to see anyone trying to protect the vulnerable or anyone demanding that they behave themselves and act as good citizens.

    It’s not just Mamet though. That’s for certain.