Genetics #1

Hooray for me! I got step #4 of my to-do list, and also step #3.

Tomorrow I’ll go back and get #2 (“Record a video summary of the fly culturing procedure”) done, and also #6 (“edit the fly culture video”), and then on to chromosomes, mitosis, and meiosis. I’m trying hard to build up slowly with a solid foundation before we get to the hard stuff.


  1. manymistakes says

    Thank you PZ for the video, I very much enjoyed it. You have a pleasant and non intimidating presentation manner.
    I hope you’re able to continue with this experiment, and thanks for building up slowly : )
    (Can’t wait for the chromosomes…)

  2. rabbidpenguin says

    Thanks for posting that PZ! My wife and I watched it and look forward to any more you post.
    Now we will end our evening watching the meiosis video from sciencemusicvideos on YouTube in preparation for the next lecture.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Don’t the textbook publishers make new textbooks with minor changes to make second-hand textbooks obsolete?

  4. weekendeditor says

    You might be interested in a recent paper in Current Biology by Souilmi, et al. They document genetic evidence of a likely coronavirus epidemic in East Asia 25,000 years ago. They used modern coronaviruses to identify a set of viral interacting proteins, and found pretty well fixed mutations of 42 of them in exactly, and only, that population.

    That has some nice implications for targets of possible anti-coronaviral therapeutics.

    The kicker: selective pressure was maintained for 20,000 years. Now THAT’S long COVID…

    Summary here: