I really do have a plan

On my to-do list for today is:

  1. Organize all the supplies for the fly lab.
  2. Record a video summary of the fly culturing procedure.
  3. Figure out why my audio recorder did such a crap job on Wednesday, & fix it.
  4. Re-record the audio for Wednesday’s lecture.
  5. My lecture room has been moved to a smaller space, with a different arrangement of screens and whiteboards. Figure out how everything works in there.
  6. Go home, edit the fly culture video.
  7. Start polishing up Monday’s lecture.

So far, I’ve managed to complete #1. That’s it. I’ve been scurrying up and down stairs, hauling microscopes around, sorting out media, laying out materials on bench tops, and basically doing a lot of physical labor. Hey, aren’t I an elderly professor? What’s with all the sweating?

Right now I think the best I can do is go home, take a stab on #4 from my office chair, and start #7. Then I’ll come in bright and early and maybe not so winded to start with #2. There goes the weekend.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … the bad people know how to plan. It’s part of the specification, you might say. Every evil tyrant has a plan to rule the world. The good people don’t seem to have the knack.’

    Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Sadly my day-to-day is

    Get up.
    Go to work.
    Try to to scream about the boring, fruitless, stupidity that is my job.
    Go home.
    Try not to throttle your fascist father.
    Go to bed.

  3. drickard says

    But is it a cunning plan, PZ? Is it a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel?

  4. blf says

    Today’s lack of plan was probably the usual (I don’t know, I haven’t got the knack, and in any case, would probably forget): Do nothing.
    Today’s actual activities:
    1. Wake up at noon.
    2. Eat lunch outdoors at a good local restaurant in the cold (great ventilation!).
    3. Drink some tea.
    4. Take a nap.
    5. Dinner (finish a leftover spicy chicken stew).
    6. Type this…
    I promised three people a week or so ago I’d send them some useful details by e-mail, but still haven’t gotten around to doing it… too busy!(eh?)
    Next up is to either go to a local bar, write some of those e-mails, go back to bed, or do something else… I don’t have any idea which, I haven’t planned it, and in any case, am probably forgetting something (which I’ve forgotten).

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Kirsten Sinema has a plan ti become president. It is a delusional plan, but that does not hold her back from screwing over the country.

  6. angoratrilobite says

    What I really like is that the image next to this text looks like the Evil Cat’s daily agenda.

  7. davidc1 says

    @5 Over here in good old Blight the BBC made a sitcom called “One Foot In the Grave”,about a guy who was made redundant and fills his days raging against the madness of the modern world,and driving his wife up the wall in the process.
    One day he comes home to find he has been burgled and everything in his house is gone.
    A day or two later he gets a phone call from the burglars,saying what a great VCR it is,and does he still have the instructions.