Stop it, Australia, I’m a married man!

That continent keeps trying to seduce me, and it just isn’t right. Look, they’re finding new species of jumping spiders all the time. Those hussies, and their dancing.

And then they’re publishing temptations. It’s spider porn. How am I supposed to resist?

I can’t afford to fly to Australia, so maybe I’ll just have to get a copy of that field guide so I can flip through it in idle moments, you know, to read the articles.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Moar arachnids that inject digestive fluid into their prey.
    Aand… I just realised what to do with CEOs who ban cellphones at work.

  2. René says

    I presume a circular flash was used; IIRC the anterior eyes have a reflective layer. The two visible ‘moustache’ eyes also bounce back what I think is a circular flash (if that the correct name for the thingy).

  3. nomdeplume says

    Oh PZ, when this covid nightmare is over/reduced you must come on down. You’d be welcome to stay here for a while and explore the spiders on my place – have not seen those fancy ones (and not seen a jumping spider for a while) but there are plenty of orb and wolf spiders and big huntsmen and many others in my forest and grassland. A Polish arachnologist once came and collected here, so why not an American?

  4. cartomancer says

    We Classicists have long since discovered that we can cover our walls in pictures of naked muscular young men (admittedly, usually in statue form), using departmental funds, and call it work. This is why the discipline is 99% gays and women. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

  5. dangerousbeans says

    ooh, i should get this and try to identify the spiders in the backyard! also the ones in the bathroom

  6. vereverum says

    looks like the selfie the monkey took some years ago and it was involved in legal battles about who actually owned the rights to the picture.
    I wonder if ole blue eyes above needs a lawyer.

  7. davidc1 says

    @6 Ring flash .Just had a look at the book on amazon ,it has 5,000 pages, weighs 50lbs ,is 2ft x2ft x8in ,and costs £1,000 .
    HAHA ,not really .

    @12, I had to look that up on line ,the guy lost £11,000 ,which is not exactly peanuts .

  8. davidc1 says

    @7 Can I come as well ? Always wanted to squish a GBBBS like a Huntsman .

    Great ,Big ,Bloody ,Bastard ,Spider.

  9. mcgeekan says

    @ 14

    A huntsman spider is a beautiful cockroach killing pet that doesn’t leave webby mess around. Why would you want to squish her? No invite to my spider haven for you!

  10. stroppy says

    Kidding aside, it does look like a gorgeous book.

    Of possible interest is this vid on the history of scientific illustration at the World Science Festival in Brisbane. It’s just shy of an hour long, however at the 30:25 mark, the presenter, Geoff Thompson, discusses his macro photography setup including a Mitutoyo objective on a 200mm telephoto lens. It will make you weep with envy.

  11. Ahze says

    People who like dancing spiders will enjoy this video by zefrank1 on youtube.

    The video has two comedians voicing over footage of spiders doing their mating dance. The visual content is shot by researchers and is very high quality. The spiders are peacock spiders.