The lull before the storm

Good for me! I got all of the finals for all of my classes composed and sent off to the students (they’re all take-home exams). Now I’m all done with this semester except…all three of them are due on the same day, Thursday, which is just by chance the officially scheduled day for all of my class finals. Friday and this weekend are not going to be happy times for yours truly.

Until then, though, I’m kind of at loose ends. Four whole days with no class obligations hanging over my head, which feels very strange, and like there’s something wrong here. So I started getting ready for my spring genetics course, ordering flies, organizing my calendar, thinking about rewriting a bunch of my lectures, etc., etc., etc.

And just generally feeling like I’m heading into a savage storm a few days from now…


  1. says

    There isn’t! We’ve got a few days of 40°F weather, then we drop into the freezer again, but no winter storms on the way, at least not until after Xmas.

  2. jrkrideau says

    @ 5 PZ

    Sounds like here. 6°C today and -3°C tonight. Should be good skating tomorrow. Ouch!