First you strawman those who disagree with you, then you murder them with your car

I wish I could just laugh off this demented buffoon, Madison Cawthorn.

When I see the people that are in Washington, DC who are trying to insert their woke politics into our culture, trying to destroy western civilization, trying to take all of our morality away from everyone, trying to make everyone genderless, sexless, and Godless.

No one on the liberal/progressive side wants to destroy western civilization. We want to make our culture stronger, more humane, and more egalitarian. If you consider that an act of destruction, you have a warped vision of what society should be.

No one is trying to take away everyone’s morality. Morality is a good thing. We would like to diminish the kind of immorality that allows people to kneel on other people’s necks until they are dead.

Hey, remember when the conservative complaint was that we were licentious proponents of free love? I guess that wasn’t really their concern. Now their complaints have gone the other way, accusing us of making everyone genderless and sexless. No one wants to do that, although we would say that if you don’t want to have sex, you shouldn’t have to.

It’s true that I would like to see everyone godless, but I also know that you can’t force atheism on anyone. It’s a free choice, and that’s all we ask, is that everyone have liberty of conscience.

Madison Cawthorn is a ridiculous mad far-right looney-tune who has to invent absurd accusations to stir up hatred. His comments about what “people” in Washington, DC are doing are stupid and false, but his next words ought to concern everyone.

We want our country back, we want our culture back, and if you want to stand in the way that, we will run you over.

“run you over”–that would also be a misrepresentation of his own side in the culture wars, if it weren’t for the fact that right-wingers have been doing exactly that, and Republican lawmakers are working hard to make it legal to kill protesters with cars.

Ari Weil, a researcher at the Chicago Project on Security and Threats, counted six states that considered laws shielding drivers who attack protesters in 2017, but most of those “hit and kill” bills (as the ACLU refers to them) went nowhere. It took a few more years for the right-wing propaganda apparatus to fully numb conservative consciences, and prepare them to openly endorse an idea as plainly depraved as this one. In the meantime, the car attacks kept coming: In 2020, Weil tracked “72 incidents of cars driving into protesters across 52 different cities,” over the span of just over a month. The online far right memed about running over demonstrators regularly, and cops openly encouraged it in social media comments. Cops also, in cities such as New York and Detroit, participated in the practice themselves. In Boston last year, Police Sergeant Clifton McHale was recorded on a police body camera bragging about hitting demonstrators with a police cruiser. He was placed on administrative leave when that footage was surfaced by reporter Eoin Higgins. He is now, Higgins reports, back on desk duty.*

Now lawmakers seem to have overcome whatever reticence they may once have felt about formally endorsing automobile attacks. Five states besides Florida introduced similar bills this year, granting some form of immunity to people running into demonstrators. The Iowa measure passed the state House and awaits Senate approval. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt just signed another version into law in his state. This one shields attacking drivers from criminal liability.

That last bit from Cawthorn is openly an incitement to violence. He will not face any legal difficulties for telling his constituents to murder unspecified people they don’t like with their cars. And shouldn’t he be in prison for inciting an insurrection already?


  1. Akira MacKenzie says

    Hey, remember when the conservative complaint was that we were licentious proponents of free love?

    We aren’t??? God damn it! That what was the point of that whole sexual revolution? We didn’t throw those key parties and orgies to preserve the uptight, stifling “morality” of Christian assholes like Cawthorn!

    No get out there and start fucking!

  2. raven says

    …trying to destroy western civilization

    Western Civilization doesn’t even exist!!!

    There is a huge variety of “western civilizations” that coexist together and they change rapidly in real time. My Northern California civilization has almost nothing in common with Madison Cawthorn’s and the GOPs current christofascist civilization.
    The Northern Californa civilization I live in now doesn’t even have much in common with the far northern working class civilization I was born and raised in.

  3. raven says

    The hit and kill bills are of course, another product of the so called pro-lifers.
    At least one person has already been killed with no one being charged with the crime.

    Portland Anti-Fascist Activist Killed In Hit And Run Outside … › news › article › antifa-killed-ho…

    Oct 14, 2019 — UPDATE (Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. PT) — Portland Police say a prominent anti-fascist activist was killed early Saturday near Cider …

    A young antifa activist was killed in Portland late at night, getting deliberately run over by a car. There were many witnesses and the murder weapon, a 2 1/2 ton SUV was found at the scene.

    Despite this, the Portland police have never made an arrest. I’m sure they spent more time on where to go for lunch than on investigating this case.

  4. christoph says

    “We want our country back, we want our culture back, and if you want to stand in the way that, we will run you over.”
    Operative word: “Our.” Not “yours,” not “mine.” OURS. Wish I could tell this asshole that in person, he seems to feel he owns the country.

  5. stroppy says

    “he seems to feel he owns the country.”

    He does, and you’d be cranky too if you had a pea under your mattress that kept you up all night.

  6. says

    Whats good for the goose(-steppers) is good for the gander. Does this mean leftist progressives can now run over Republicans with impunity?

  7. whheydt says

    It used to be in California that if you wanted to kill someone, running them over with a car was the way to go. The penalty for vehicular manslaughter was 90 days in jail.

  8. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 4

    … he seems to feel he owns the country.

    Speaking as a recovering right-winger, I can assure you that’s exactly what they think. Conservatives believe their values and ideology are divinely etched on the universe itself. Capitalism, white-male-Christian supremacy, American global hegemony are the way things SHOULD be. Therefore any policy or belief that challenges that “order” must not just be wrong, but is an abomination against god and the universe that can only succeed through trickery and/or tyranny.

  9. logicalcat says

    Im not advocating violence against protestors as thats an incredibly unamerican thing. Our country was founded on protests but watch this law get over turned hard the minute leftists start running them over. Or worse yet they’d probaly be arrested and charged while people look the other way if right wingers did it.

  10. says

    Trevor Noah actually interviewed that POS the other day and I couldn’t make it half way through. The man is an ignorant hypocrite. Trevor was so nice to him but the racism still came out. “I don’t have a problem with immigration, I have a problem with Illegal immigration” How does the right define “illegal immigration”? Has anyone asked them that? He’s blowing a dog whistle.

  11. PaulBC says

    Ray Ceeya@10 Trump’s policy (by way of little shit Stephen Miller) consistently worked to limit legal immigration, so there is not really any difference. First make it harder to immigrate legally, then say you are only against the “illegal” kind. It’s an asshole move, and it has been completely exposed.

  12. robro says

    It took a few more years for the right-wing propaganda apparatus to fully numb conservative consciences, and prepare them to openly endorse an idea as plainly depraved as this one.

    The “conservative consciences” (is that a thing?) are sufficiently numbed. I had a brief interaction with a family member and some of her friends over FaceBook last year about this. First, she posted a video of a truck driver barreling through a group of protestors at the gate to the business, and then a friend of hers posted a video of a cop driving at protestors. In my shock I posted something denouncing this horror, and she and her friends defended the practice.

    When people in congress or running for office openly advocate “killing liberals”, and sufficient numbers of people go “yeah”, we’ve got a very dangerous situation.

  13. says

    there are right wing protests still. I believe deeply in the silver rule: do unto others has they have done unto you.

    Read into that as you may.

  14. raven says

    Needless to say, what the badly minamed pro-lifers are doing is…legalizing terrorism.
    Running over people with cars is an obvious terror tactic.

    Fundie xian/right wingnut terrorism has been a huge problem in the USA for decades.

  15. davidc1 says

    Once my bastard slow interweb came back on ,I clicked on the link and read some of the comments .Most of them were in agreement about what an a-hole he is .
    Isn’t there something written down in America about inciting violence against other
    amuricans ?

  16. cartomancer says

    It would seem that the progressives have been so successful in taking his morality away from him that he is now a firm supporter of murder. I seem to recall that a certain god-soaked bit of Western Civilisation (TM) was somewhat definitive on the prohibited status of that matter. Oh, what was it again? You know, the one his people keep trying to get put up in courtrooms. List of don’ts. About nine or so…

  17. says

    The corpse will be twitching for a couple of years, but your republic is dead. Thanks to Republican state legislatures legislating voting rights away and a SCOTUS that will only stop the most blatantly egregious of it, the Hamberdler will be president again in 2024 and everything is over.

  18. unclefrogy says

    this “A….” and his attitude and and statements reminds me a famous southern governor who stated that he would stand in the doorway to prevent some people from going to school. He did I saw him on TV doing it. It did not work. I heard the speech about segregation forever but that is continuing to change as well. That governor is dead and gone but there are still new “A….” to take his place. It is hard to do the kind of things they used to do in “secret” and not so easy in public either so now they are out speaking openly to reduce and curtail “the rule of law”
    their pigheaded ignorance fear and hate does not see the futility of their efforts long term.
    That governor did in the end change himself in the end.

  19. canadiansteve says

    @19 Tabby Lavalamp
    Don’t forget to include the fact that the so-called “centrist republicans” are perfectly fine with voting for the toddler and his supporters…. greed over country any day of the week for them (with a smattering of racism thrown in)