1. Akira MacKenzie says

    THIS is what American conservatives actually think happens on children’s television shows.

  2. Rich Woods says

    @Akira #1:

    Not quite. By law, children’s television shows must have a rainbow flag as a backdrop.

  3. KG says

    Without context, PZ, your non-US readership had absolutely no diea who this chap stating a blindingly obvious truth was!

  4. says

    That guy was the star of a children’s show aimed at pre-schoolers in the 1990s/2000s called Blue’s Clues. It was very wholesome and sweet and repetitive with catchy little ditties about checking the mail and finding clues to solve puzzles with his little cartoon dog, Blue.

  5. consciousness razor says

    Blues Clues Guy is speaking to the bourgeoisie. Mister Rogers spoke to the proletariat. Permanent revolution means it is always the time.

  6. Mario Romero says

    I know that guy, Steve from Blue’s clues. Although I appreciate the clarification for those of us who don’t know him.

  7. loiscrona says

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