There’s a headline to freak out the white supremacists

I expect this will terrify the right-wingers — will Tucker Carlson be giving everyone his confused look over it? (No shock there — stupefaction is his only expression).

I’ll just say meh. It’s no big deal, this is a demographic shift that everyone has seen coming for a long time.

The first race and ethnicity breakdowns from the 2020 Census, released Thursday, show a more diverse nation than ever in the nation’s history.

The report marks the first time the absolute number of people who identify as White alone has shrunk since a census started being taken in 1790. The White population fell from 223.6 million in 2010 to 204.3 million in 2020, a decrease of 8.6 percent.

The country also passed another milestone on its way to becoming a majority-minority society in the coming decades: For the first time, the portion of White people dipped below 60 percent, slipping from 63.7 percent in 2010 to 57.8 percent in 2020.

That first paragraph is nothing but good news. If anything will erode the endemic bias in this country, it’s more diversity.

The decline is not a consequence of persecution or deaths. It’s a combination of a more rapidly increasing non-white population, more interracial children, and wealthier people (a lot of white people in that category) electing to have fewer children. Big whoop — my white children and grandchildren are not harmed by a shift caused by more brown people thriving. This is not ‘replacement’. The gene pool still contains many white gametes (it feels weird to write that, since gametes do not have a color), they’re just intermingling more. This is a good thing.

We can hope for a more egalitarian future, in which the color of your skin does not make a major difference in your success in life. Keep in mind, though, that history is going to reverberate for many generations to come.


  1. says

    The decline is not a consequence of persecution or deaths.

    Not in this census! But…given how many white people seem to be willing to unnecessarily die of COVID-19 in order to trigger the libs and whatnot…death may contribute substantially to the 2030 census. Then again, I have heard vaccination rates in poor minority communities may not be great. Much of the news I have seen on the unvaccinated has been mostly pointing the finger at Republican voters, who we know to be disproportionately white. So I am aware I am not as informed on this topic as I perhaps should be.

  2. says

    And that’s after all the shenanigans they tried to pull with the Census forms and intimidation of immigrants, and whatever else the Trumpkins did that we don’t know about yet.

    Well, I’m doing my part, I haven’t reproduced.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Yup. In wealthy nations population growth slows down or stops.
    And with distinct demographies the non-white component that is lagging behind in economic prosperity will temporarily increase their segment of the total population.
    When the country gets more economic justice the main source of population growth will probably be immigration.
    You know what might spur people to have more children? Paid parental leave, subsidised kindergarten. Free non-shitty education in schools that are not falling apart.
    A future that does not seem to be heading towards a Mad Max scenario.

  4. John Harshman says

    You know what might spur people to have more children?

    But why would you want people to have more children? Aren’t there too many people already?

  5. bcw bcw says

    the great countdown begins!
    Tomorrow the 13th is the day Biden is forced to resign and DONALD TRUMP IS RESTORED TO THE PRESIDENCY,

    at least according to Mike Lindell and QAnon.

  6. John Harshman says

    John Harshman, many reasons.

    No, I mean why would you, not some wacko cultist.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    John Harshman @ 5, 8.
    The people who are terrified of whites becoming a minority tend to be negative to things like family planning and abortions, thinking the 1950s with large families is the template for utopia.
    Myself I am very much aware of the limits to growth.
    Oh shit.
    There has been a spree shooting in Plymouth, Britain.
    Six dead, including the shooter.

  8. Pierce R. Butler says

    … gametes do not have a color…

    Not individually, but sort out and accumulate a large number of them and we could remedy that part of our ignorance.

    Somebody get me a grant!

  9. birgerjohansson says

    …and the same people who want greater reproduction rates are usually ideologically opposed to the very things that might make families want to have more children.
    This is not the only paradox in the thinking of (American) conservatives. If we add the religious right, they have a cottage industry of paradox production.

  10. Paul K says

    While I agree completely with all that PZ says/explains, I was surprised by that 8.6% figure. Not bothered; we white folks already make up a fairly small percentage of the total world population, which is already too big anyway. But, man, the white-ringers will definitely lose their shit. And they already lost their shit. I wish their shit had finite levels, but they seem to be infinitely full of shit.

  11. fishy says

    Let us all remember that no demographic group is monolithic in it’s behaviors.
    This includes politics.

  12. Jean says

    So the Census Bureau gave people more opportunities to declare themselves multi-cultural than in previous censuses and the result is fewer people who identify as white only. What a surprise! How can you really compare numbers this way?

  13. John Morales says

    Jean, let’s take your speculation seriously; then, either a significant people who were “multi-cultural” had previously reported as white but no longer do so, or they did not and continue to not do so.

    Either way, it means there are fewer self-reported all-white people.
    So the result stands.

    At worst, the figures are now more accurate, if belated.

    (Also, you apparently conflate ethnicity with culture)

  14. drew says

    stupefaction is his only expression

    I thought Tucker had “relaxed face” and “pooping face.”

  15. Jean says

    John Morales,

    A mistake on my part. I should have said multiracial and not multi-cultural. The Census Bureau actually allowed more racial identities than before. So you cannot compare accurately with previous data (at least not from the data reported by the media; there might be a way to do it with the complete census data).

  16. says

    It’s strange to me that the right rejects refugees coming into the country, but at the same time, they are offering zero solutions to stop those refugees from becoming refugees. You want to stop latinx people from illegaly entering the country, maybe consider making their country a safer and more prosperous nation. I know, “white savior”, an “American Interventionalism”, but hear me out. If we helped 3rd world nations prosper, we eliminate the reason for them to flee their home country. 20 years of Afghanistan prove that we suck at elevating and are more skilled at oppressing. Well, here’s a simple plan.

    Step 1: Stop oppression and exploitation of the third world.
    Step 2: Give them humanitarian aid instead of bombing the crap out of everything.

    Step 1, is a lot harder than step 2 because it’s like making an alcoholic acknowledge they have a problem. That’s the breakthrough we need. The rest of the world needs to stage an intervention on the United states. American Interventionalism is the problem and an American intervention is the solution.

  17. chrislawson says

    Ray Ceeya@22

    No need for a White Savior strategy. Most of the countries that generate illegal immigrants to the US would become more safe and financially viable and thus reduce their emigrant drive if the US just stopped fucking up Latin American economies and elections.

  18. benedic says

    @9 and 13
    Not an exception according to todays Guardian newspaper. With reference to the shooter.
    “ Other social media posts from about 2018 also suggest he was a fan of the former US president Donald Trump and a supporter of the UK Libertarian party.”

  19. says

    Why is the US so invested in South America, anyway? I mean, they’re natural trading partners, so that’s not likely to change much and there’s no credible military threat. Seems to me that the US could easily afford a more laid-back and diplomatic position.

    Is it just manifest destiny all over again? Or lingering fear of communist dominos? Or just plain habit?

  20. says

    John Morales @3: The internet is a great source of misinformation and, so if we’re being honest, it’s not necessarily “easy.” Sure, there may be cases like this where it’s not particularly hard. Also? Even if it is easy, it still takes time. And some of us have jobs and even hobbies that occupy much of our precious time. Oh, and none of us have supercomputers for brains. So there’s already a rather strict limit as to how much knowledge I can obtain. But surely you knew all of this already? If not, maybe it will be easy to look up on the internet. :p

  21. numerobis says

    benedic: oh, so it turns out he’s not a terrorist and this is totes not terrorism, because he’s white? I’m shocked, SHOCKED.

    (not that shocked)

  22. birgerjohansson says

    Matt G @ 19
    Judging by the splatter films, the missing whites were killed and eaten by their cannibal white trash neighbors.
    Also, satanists.

  23. JM says

    @22 Ray Ceeya: Most of the Republican party doesn’t really care, it’s just a talking point. The business wing of the Republican party actually likes illegal immigrants. People who have no choice but take bad jobs and can’t complain about working conditions helps to push down wages. Only the working class populist part of the party actually cares and they can mostly be satisfied with very visible but totally ineffectual moves like building the wall.

  24. davidc1 says

    @13 Plod took his permit to have a firearm away last December ,WTF was he allowed it back ?