Dragging myself into the last day of the conference

It’s the last day of the American Arachnology Society meeting. Have you ever experienced this? You’re simultaneously looking forward to many of the talks, but you’re also really looking forward to ending the deluge of information and getting back to normal? Yeah, brain overload is terrible. But at least with a virtual conference I don’t have to pack up and get on a plane and drive for half a day, and I won’t lose a few more days to con crud.

Also, now this morning I have to find time to sort babies into vials. That’s my agenda: glue eyes to microscope and delicately shoo baby spiders into new containers, then rush back to glue my eyes to a computer screen to attend to a couple of hours of webs and venom (the subjects of the first two blocks of talks today.)


  1. robro says

    Webs and Venom — That’s the title of my new political drama series based on true stories of Republicans and Fox News hosts. It will be a huge hit…huge!

  2. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    A couple hours of Webs and Venom? Ah, a discussion of early 90s Spider-Man comics!