1. snarkrates says

    And isn’t it ironic that the rightwing nutjobs are now the ones who love Russia. Rethug senators go to Moscow for the Fourth of July, because they feel more at home there. Programming on Faux News, Newsmax… is indistinguishable from that on Russia Today.

  2. Who Cares says

    That is not true, the propaganda and disinformation on RT are not just of a higher quality they are also better hidden and to keep the cover there are some genuine neutral articles (on topics that don’t merit manipulation in favor of Russia).

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    An actual headline on Fox News right now:

    Trump said Meghan Markle is ‘no good’ following bombshell Oprah interview

    Who cares what Mr. Failed Coup Who Has Cheated On Every One Of His 3 Wives thinks about anything?

  4. raven says

    Who are huge fans of Stalin are…the fundie xians.
    He is their role model and Stalinism is their governing model.

    They are ideological authoritarians to the core, only interested in acquiring power and money.
    They occasionally have purges and get rid of people they don’t want, heretics and liberals mostly.
    Propaganda and lies are continuous as a means of keeping power.
    They also have their own Gulag prison system.

    It’s for their children since they don’t have the legal power to send adults anywhere.
    These xian camps are where they dump their unwanted children. Some are gay, some are just in the way of a new stepparent. They are abusive nightmares and children occasionally die in them.

  5. davidc1 says

    @6 That twat face twat peirs morgan has walked out on his breakfast tv job because people were ganging up on the poor lamb because he criticized Megan Markle ,it just so happens he has got another job lined up with roops gb fakenews tv station .

    Don’t know what to say about the pic of uncle joe .

  6. PaulBC says

    arensb@8 They should produce realistic potato genitalia for the Potato Head line. True, they wouldn’t go in a realistic spot. They could have eyes too (potato eyes, not the eyes they have already). This picture shows leaves growing out of the head of a baby potato, so it appears someone is thinking about them as plants.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    NB! -Re. uninformed rubes being told what to think by Fox News et al…
    Arizona Republican Kavanaugh just said the quiet part out loud in regard to making voting more difficult:
    Quality votes should count more than quality.
    Yes. The old white voters who think Hillary Clinton has a pedophile sex ring underneath a pizzeria are a higher quality of voters because they have a habit of voting each time and live in circumstances that make voting easier.

  8. lumipuna says

    Vavilov: I need male and female potatoes for my potato breeding research.

    Lysenko: The growth of the new Soviet Potato requires overcoming such bourgeois concepts as “male” and “female”.

  9. raven says

    Because potatoes and tomatoes have similar flowers and pollination, potatoes are self-pollinated, which means they have the male and female flowers on one plant. Pollination can occur from wind and from insects. However, for potatoes, this pollination does not have to take place to form the underground tubers.

    Will Potatoes Cross Pollinate? – Home Guides

    I had to look it up.
    Potatoes are both male and female.
    That means that Mr. Potato head or Ms. Potato head are really hermaphrodites. They should be commonly referred to as they.
    “Some (but not all) intersex people may choose to use gender pronouns other than “he” or “she,” like “they” or “zie.” Always allow intersex people to identify what pronouns they’d like you to use. Being intersex is not the same as being transgender.” Although, you should just ask Potato head what they want to be called.