Probably a bad idea

Classes start tomorrow, so I’ve got a great big calendar filling the screen on my second monitor. This is causing me some anxiety — as of Tuesday, it turns into a solid wad of appointments until May. The one bright spot is that I arranged my schedule so that I have no classes on Friday. Three day weekends every week! Except of course that free day is going to be used to catch up on everything that I’m falling behind on.

Today is Martin Luther King Day with no obligations, except I’m going in to do some preliminary work for next week’s genetics lab. There will be no rest for a while.


  1. dean56 says

    Good luck. We started last week, but I’m in a fortunate position. I teach statistics and data science/modeling, and my classes typically meet in computer labs. Our admin realized last fall that it wasn’t possible to do the required cleaning between different class meetings so all of my courses are virtual. I haven’t had to set foot on campus since last March. Not a perfect situation but after the initial burn-in it’s been working better than we’d hoped.

  2. mikeschmitz says

    Well, you probably used a catchup day on the weekend, anyway, so you are still left with an extra day. (half full)