No matter how much they complain, people will still be people

Nice words from Elliot Page.

I’ve run into a few whiny TERFs who have complained about this — the most common spin is “Oh, no, the patriarchy has stolen a lesbian from us”, which is just weird — but mainly what I see is someone free to be himself, with a lot of support. IMDB has already updated all their entries!


  1. microraptor says

    Notice how the few times that TERFs are willing to admit that trans men exist, they automatically assume they’re attracted to women.

  2. says


    Irrelevant to microraptor’s point.

    When my math prof told me to show my work, it wasn’t because my answers were always wrong. The existence of trans masculine people attracted to women does not justify assuming that trans masculine people are sexually and/or romantically attracted to women.

    Additionally “attracted to women” is not the same as “lesbian” since it includes bisexuality, pansexuality, queerness, etc, not to mention straight men. When Elliot speaks of his sexual orientation in that statement, it is only in terms of queerness – not lesbianism, asexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, or pansexuality. I don’t know that Page never said the phrase “I am a lesbian” or an equivalent, but I do know that Page has spoken of himself as bisexual and as queer in the past. I’m not resistant to the idea that Page identified himself as lesbian at some point, but I haven’t personally seen that. Of course, I don’t follow media coverage of actors much either.

    Where you do have a point is that microraptor hasn’t provided any evidence for the general claim that TERFs are acting on assumptions and not information.

    I’m not that fussed about it, but if you really wanted to follow that up, it would be a question for microraptor, not a statement of what you believe Page has said in the past since micro raptor’s statement isn’t at all limited to Page and even if you happened to be correct in Page’s case, it’s a mere red herring if your point is to counter microraptor.

  3. edmond says

    “You aren’t being ‘canceled,’ you are hurting people.”

    Well goddamned spoken, Mr. Page. I can think of a few “cancel-culture” whiners out there who need to hear and understand that.

  4. garnetstar says

    I just saw an article by Andrew Sullivan (!) featured by some blogger, in which Sullivan moans that there are “no more lesbians” and we’re “losing lesbian culture” because “all” the lesbians are “turning” trans and NB.

    To which I can only say, SO WHAT? Even if it was true. He ought to know that people living how they really are is the only good thing, but then, being a gay conservative Catholic means that you have a lot of cognitive dissonance.

    Which is no excuse for hurting people.. So, he, or anyone, shouldn’t.

  5. xdrta says

    I don’t know about anyone else, but he’s great in The Umbrella Academy, a fantasy series on Netflix. What can I say I’m a sucker for rather silly fantasy. He’s a really good actor, though, and has been in everything he’s been in.

  6. garnetstar says

    @8, ITA. I first saw Page in Juno, and I was knocked over by his acting, especially at such a young age! I kept saying “How old is that actor, to already be that good?’

    He’s gotten better as he got older, too. I watch whatever he’s in just to see him!

  7. hemidactylus says

    I thought he looked hauntingly familiar. Oh yeah Inception which goes with my pro-DiCaprio rant of last night. Great movie and Elliot was integral. Sorbitol/Cameron/Cain couldn’t hold a candle to that cast.

    Trailer Park Boys was a hit with Rush fans I think.

  8. numerobis says

    I noticed the CBC sub-headline dropped in just about as many male pronouns as could fit in the space. That was a nice touch.

  9. Scott Simmons says

    One of the earliest things I saw him in was Hard Candy. He was just eighteen or nineteen, I think, but gave an absolutely amazing performance in a terrific film. I can only recommend it with caveats–the movie has themes of child sexual abuse and gaslighting which some people may experience as triggering, and which virtually anybody will find extremely disturbing and sometimes difficult to watch. But I’m glad I stuck it out, even if I don’t think I’d want to rewatch it …
    I’m looking forward to his winning another Academy Award, just so there will be one person with both a Best Actor and a Best Actress award on their shelf. What can I say, I’m easily amused.