Another entry in the Carnival of Curiosity: Dr Myers’ Menagerie of Itty-Bitty Monsters

Next Sunday, our Carnival continues with a tour of the imaging side of my lab. I’ll just aim a camera at my microscopes and cameras and talk about how I put together a macrophotography and microscopy lab on a budget, and maybe put a few critters on the screen.

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  1. birgerjohansson says

    I am told there are a bunch of creepy-crawlies at the Eastern Seaboard. You hear them howling mating calls like “wall” and “conspiracy”. If they establish themselves in the body politic, they burrow into it, feed and reproduce.
    Erratum: Re. Matinee of pain- I recommended Miami Connection. I meant ‘ Hard Ticket To Hawaii ‘. It is one of those unintentionally fun films.

  2. wzrd1 says

    I’m still hoping to hear of a general link or suggestion to purchasing a decent lab grade microscope.
    I’ve lost touch with who is making good equipment vs who is making crap for a sizable price.
    Not asking for the impermissible vendor, model, etc, suggestions and what to avoid.
    Big pluses for not having to have to discard objectives that are worthless.

    Downside, knowing that I’ll wash slides clean trying to do gram stains again, until I get it right again – it’s been decades.
    Yeah, I still remember those debacles…