Take a look at our fundraiser next Saturday

I finally got the schedule for our Carnival of Curiosity fundraiser completed. Well, for all the Saturday events anyway (I’ll work on the Sunday events tomorrow). So now you know what you’re going to do a week from today! You’re going to be trapped at home, as usual, and you’ll be glued to a computer screen, doomscrolling through Facebook…no, wait, not that. We’ll have something better for you. We have events scheduled all day long! Look at the schedule! It really is all day Saturday! Instead you’ll be enlightened and entertained by the various freethoughtbloggers, and be intermittently inspired to click a link and send us money!

Remember, this is a fundraiser.

Of course, it’s also a voluntary fundraiser. You don’t have to donate a penny if you don’t have one.

Anyway, the new stuff I added this morning for our Saturday schedule:

  • At 3pm PT-6pm ET, 11pm BST, William Brinkman will do a reading from his novel, The Rift.
  • At 6pm PT-9pm ET, 2 am BST, a selection of bloggers will participate in The Quiz, where their knowledge and wit will be tested. The winner will be crowned King/Queen of Freethoughtblogs! Very exciting.
  • At 8pm PT-11pm PT, 4am BST, we will have a Sophisticated Literature Reading, dramatic renditions of some stuff people wrote down. There is a reason it is scheduled for a relatively late hour.

See? You’ll almost be happy to be quarantined/on lockdown/bored to tears, because you’ll have us to turn to. And us to donate some of your shrinking funds to, if you can.

P.S. You managed to donate over a thousand dollars to us in the last week, which we appreciate very much, and which will significantly help reduce our legal debt. Thank you!


  1. davidc1 says

    Sorry Doc ,you are going to have to change the logo ,it keeps reminding me of pre-packaged supermarket cheese .

  2. birgerjohansson says

    King/Queen is a very heisenbergian title. Or Shrödinger’s Royal?
    Re. The matinee of pain idea.
    The film Hard Rock Zombies is rumored to be atrocious. Also, zombie Hitler makes an appearence which would make it apt for 2020.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    René @ # 1: Isn’t that a tad too binary?

    Not if the winner is crowned both at once, slash and all.

  4. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    You link to four accounts for donations. Are they all shared? I would like to help everybody FTB that Carrier sued.

  5. says

    All the accounts are shared in the sense that all donations to the ones I control will be consolidated with the FtB PayPal account after the fundraiser, and then they’ll be drained to the last drop and passed on to our creditors.