Confirming that the Nazis have taken over

You should have already figured that out, but Trump had another rally in Minnesota yesterday and hammered the point home.

People are not racehorses that have been bred for a single defining suite of traits, and he wouldn’t understand the genetics if we had. That’s just a racist klaxon he’s sounding to call all the white nationalists to his yard.

He must go.


  1. says

    Well, in a way it’s good that he says the quiet parts out loud. People have been pretending for much too long that the Republican party is not all about racism. The people who fund it and run it just don’t want to pay taxes and do want to spew their pollution into the air and water; but the voters who put Republicans in office just want to be told their better than everybody else because they’re ancestors came from Europe. Now the Republican standard bearer has stopped pretending, and maybe the corporate media will have to pretend a little bit less too, along with the Democrats in congress.

  2. says

    The Trump Train is pulling into the station we all knew it was headed to. Just remember, Trump is not the cause of this, he’s a symptom. If white nationalism was food poisoning, Trump is the diarrhea.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    And I am sure Nancy Pelosi will do the usual resistance theater and mildly criticize Trump
    . . .
    Also, Ruth Bader Ginsberg 1933-2020
    This reminds me….in another three years those of us who are “nationalists” can celebrate the 90th anniversary of Ze Machtubernahme!

  4. raven says

    PZ Myers:
    Confirming that the Nazis have taken over

    Well thanks Captain Obvious.

    That is vital information but there is a far more important question now.
    What do we do now and where do we go?

    Hearing that Ruth Ginsburg died last night means that Roe versus Wade is dead and the forced birthers/female slavers have won.
    Far as I’m concerned that was the last nail in the coffin that contains the old USA.

    It’s time to pick up the pieces and move on.

  5. says

    For now we wait. My big question is are they going to try to appoint a new justice before or after the election. If they try for before the election, they basically hand the Senate, the House and the Whitehouse to the Democrats. If I was a Republican strategist, I would aim for the lame duck session in December. It protects vulnerable Republican candidates. They can either keep silent or claim they won’t vote to appoint so close to an election. It doesn’t matter because after election day they can “change their minds”, and vote in who they want while they still have a majority.

    I don’t think enough Republicans in the Senate are willing to commit political suicide for a pre election appointment. I could be wrong though.

  6. F.O. says

    @birgerjohansson voting is necessary, but won’t “give you back” your country.

    The commoners are suffering and want an explanation. Two are usually given:

    a) It’s rich fucks siphoning more and more wealth into their coffers, but politicians and control the media.

    b) It’s those people there looking different than you do.

    One of those protects the status quo. Which one are the people in power going to blare from all the media?

    Voting will not and cannot address the concentration of wealth, power and media control.

    If voting is all everybody does, you’ll be back here in 4 years.

    Do vote, but do not delude yourself that it will solve the long term.

  7. PaulBC says

    George W. Bush was a terrible, terrible president who came into office immediately undermining the ability of the People to collect revenue from the economy for public good, and then lied us into wars that we’re still paying for in lives and dollars.

    But for whatever reason (and I’m not sure who wrote it) his first inaugural address includes this

    America has never been united by blood or birth or soil. We are bound by ideals that move us beyond our backgrounds,

    I agree with this. It is interesting that the speechwriter felt the need to insist that we are not “Blut und Boden” Nazis with this direct reference to blood and soil.

    But here we are 20 years later, and even this fig leaf is gone. Consider also, that Donald Trump and his supporters probably haven’t change particularly in that time period. So I guess we already had Nazis among us. I admit I might not have believed it at the time.

  8. PaulBC says

    drew@11 Since that didn’t happen, what do you propose we actually do? Lose a war to some other nation that can restore democracy for us?

  9. stroppy says

    A while back, I called Richard Spenser a Nazi in front of a relative who got hysterical and started invoking Godwin’s law, blah, blah, blah… You can’t even call Nazis ‘Nazis’ anymore without knee jerk push-back and lectures on civility.

    And in the media, you just know that even if Trump stood up there wearing an arm band with swastika, they’d be saying he’s just being sarcastic, or wait and see, it’s not what it seems.

    Gaslight, gaslight everywhere, and not a photon of light to see.

  10. Bruce says

    If Minnesota has good genes, the best evidence of this is their outstanding Representative Ilhan Omar.

  11. whheydt says

    All the ancestors I know about did come from Europe, primarily towards the north (2 grandparents from Denmark) and west (one–for instance–who evidence appears to have been Anglo-Irish…”Hall” is not, so far as I know, an Irish surname). However, I know a number of things they did that, were they alive today, I would roundly condemn them for… A bunch of them were pretty well of in 18th century Charleston, SC, with all that that implies. Another moved from upstate NY at the age of 10 (his father died) to New Orleans. so when the Civil War broke he enlisted…locally.

    Fortunately, my parents were better than that. My father actually said (when “block busting” was a thing) that he would welcome anyone, of any race, who could afford to live in the same neighborhood he did. In the early 1960s, that was fairly far over on the “enlightened” side of things.

  12. PaulBC says

    whheydt@16 My parents too, or at least as family legend has it. We lived in one of the Levittowns before I was born, which were notorious for segregation. I think they may have moved out for this reason, but they definitely didn’t cooperate with it.

  13. davidc1 says

    @7 johnson was made to look the dumb pillock he really is at PMQ’s by Ed Miliband om Wednesday .
    Can Ii ask what happened to one of my posts on here ,don’t think it contained anything that would upset anyone /

  14. KG says

    Remember that one time when Germany voted its Nazis out of power? We should do that! – drew@11

    The difference is, the American electorate, probably, has a final chance to do that – but people such as you and The Vicar, for reasons best known to yourselves, are trying to persuade people not to try.

  15. kukulkan says

    Rewriting politically inconvenient history. Is this new “education” plan to be overseen by the Ministry of Truth?

  16. nomdeplume says

    Republicans, like Nazis, have worked to a plan to make democracy irrelevant. They discovered that an America invented in the 18th century, for 18th century mores, could be easily subverted. They control the Executive and the Senate, the courts, the military, the electoral system, the education system, and effectively the police and the media. Was it Goebbels who said he didn’t care who voted it was who counted the votes that mattered? Never mind, the Republicans have both covered – in the absence of an independent electoral body (which civilised countries have) Republicans decide who will be on the rolls, where the polling places will be, where the electoral boundaries will be drawn, what voting systems will be used and who does the counting, and are now sending thugs to polling booths to physically prevent the wrong kind of people voting. Any appeals will be blocked in the courts. And, as a final safeguard, a manifestly undemocratic Electoral College will dispose of any popular vote “error”. Good luck with voting these bastards out of power.

  17. Pierce R. Butler says

    nomdeplume @ # 21: Was it Goebbels who said he didn’t care who voted it was who counted the votes that mattered?

    Usually, that gets attributed to Joseph Stalin … who apparently actually did say something very similar.

  18. James Fehlinger says

    Hearing that Ruth Ginsburg died last night means that
    Roe versus Wade is dead and the forced birthers/female
    slavers have won.

    It would certainly be unfortunate if (as seems all-too-likely)
    Roe v. Wade is overturned.

    But the world is vastly different now than it was in 1973.
    Technology has moved on, and given us things like the
    internet and mifepristone. Even if ostensibly illegal,
    it will be far less risky (both medically and legally) to
    obtain a “criminal” abortion going forward than it ever was prior
    to 1973. Of course, illegality would provide opportunities
    for the DEA and customs and the post office, and Dog-knows-who
    to play cat-and-mouse games with the ensuing black market.
    And some unfortunate folks will no doubt be prosecuted
    with zeal, and even incarcerated, “pour encourager les autres”.
    But as with, oh, peer-to-peer copyright violators outraging
    the RIAA and the MPAA, it will be awfully difficult to
    control the behavior of “les autres”. And as with an
    ostensibly criminal enterprise like Sci-Hub, it will be
    all the more difficult for the authorities to stamp out
    organizations providing such services when there are
    so many otherwise law-abiding folks who would nevertheless
    be sympathetic to the existence of such “criminal”
    service providers, and might even be willing to provide
    them with clandestine assistance at some personal risk.
    Abortion Pills Should Be Everywhere

    I bought them online. They’re easy to get, and they’ll change everything.

    By Farhad Manjoo
    Aug. 3, 2019
    The Doctor Fighting to Bring You Online Abortion Pills Just Sued the FDA

    Dutch doctor Rebecca Gomperts has provided medical abortions to thousands
    of Americans. She’s not letting the FDA get in her way.

    By Marie Solis
    September 9, 2019

  19. raven says

    Of course, illegality would provide opportunities
    for the DEA and customs and the post office, and Dog-knows-who
    to play cat-and-mouse games with the ensuing black market.

    Yeah, I know.

    There is already a black market for RU 486 and the prostaglandin, mifepristone.
    That market has been around for many years, a decade or two at least.

    There are also ancient herbal drugs that have been used for abortions for centuries. Pennyroyal is one and it is available everywhere or you can grow your own if you want.
    I wouldn’t recommend it as a first line drug though.
    FFS, we are heading back to the Dark Ages here out of necessity.

    Pennyroyal Wikipedia

    The pennyroyal plant has also been used as an emmenagogue or perhaps most famously as an abortifacient.[20] Chemicals in the pennyroyal plant cause the uterine lining to contract, causing a woman’s uterine lining to shed. Women who struggle with regulating their menstrual cycle or suffer from a cystic ovary syndrome may choose to drink pennyroyal tea. Pennyroyal tea is subtle enough to induce menstrual flow with minimal risk of negative health effects. More concentrated versions of the plant, such as the oil, are much more toxic and will likely force a miscarriage if ingested by a pregnant woman.[21]

  20. nomdeplume says

    @22 Thanks Pierce, I’m sure you are right. Goebbels was famous for 2 other quotes, relevant today – Something like “if you are going to tell a lie, make it a big one and keep repeating it until it is believed” and “when I hear the word ‘culture’ I reach for my gun”. Dredging them out of my ancient memory, so probably not exact.

  21. Pierce R. Butler says

    nomdeplume @ # 25 – Sorry, once I get going on my history-nerd-pedant pedestal, I find it hard to get down from it.

    Your first quote actually comes from Goering’s colleague Dr. Joseph Goebbels; you got the wording pretty close, for an English translation.

    Goering used the line about “culture” and his gun, but he cribbed it from a popular play at the time.

    He did originate the phrase about the trade-off between guns and butter, and got a good laugh line out of it by hoisting his big belly as he spoke of having had enough butter.

    Possibly his most appropriate quote for the US these days came during the interlude between the end of the war and his suicide:

    Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. … Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.

  22. nomdeplume says

    Thanks Pierce, every now and then I like to test my memory rather than that of Dr Google. Sort of a mental push-up. And yes, that last quote of yours is spot on.

  23. Marissa van Eck says

    You know, it scares the hell out of me that every single worst-case scenario I’ve dreamt up and planned for is actually happening. I’ve moved to a place with a land border with Canada and am renting about 15 minutes’ walk from it. I got into the healthcare industry a few years ago specifically because it’s basically guaranteed to be hiring if not growing (and I happen to be a giant chemistry nerd anyway…) and got PTCB certified this year.

    All of this is with an eye toward emigration by 2020 if possible…and if not, Buffalo NY is probably one of the safest places in the nation to ride this out for the short to medium term, if Madokami forbid the border stays shut and I’m trapped in the US.

    The horrifying part is, ALL OF THIS was crossing my mind before the 2016 election, and I tried to warn friends and family it would come to this. No one listened. And now every bad gut feeling, every nightmare, every sudden stab of freezing horror that stops me in place in broad daylight as it plays across the back of my retinas, has come true, and far worse is to come. I can’t afford, literally cannot afford, to help anyone but myself now.

    What kind of a paranoid nutjob must I have sounded like in 2016? And what does it mean that we’ve come to the point where my supposed paranoia may very well save my life?

  24. dianne says

    Marissa @28: On reflection, 2020 isn’t even my worst case scenario. Yet. We’ve got another 3.5 months for that.

  25. PaulBC says

    @29 Right, it can get a lot worse. But it has the cadence of a horror movie. Right when things seem to be settling down. Blam!

  26. says

    @29 @30
    I still have earthquake, volcano and alien invasion on my 2020 bingo card. I’m calling botched election a free square because that’s just going to happen.

  27. PaulBC says

    At this point if the murder hornets showed up and I watched them biting the heads off all the friendly honeybees buzzing around my rosemary bush, my first thought would probably be “Well, at least they’re not f***ing Republicans.”

  28. wzrd1 says

    Well, the Nazis did actually plan and competently implement their plan.
    With Trump, we have utter incompetence turning fascism into a Nutzi party. Eugenics meets failed metaphor and resulting in people named Tazerface.
    I have wonderful genes! Let’s see, autoimmune disease attacking my thyroid and showing some rheumatic disease precursor signs, high cholesterol us ubiquitous in the family, type 2 diabetes fully present in my father’s lineage (I’m now the eldest to not only not be diabetic, but also not on dialysis), assorted cancers (although we are fringe downwinders from atomic testing, chemical plant venting and of course, ubiquitous cigarette smoking).
    Yeah, not only did someone urinate in our gene pool, that ain’t no Hershey bar sitting at the bottom and you don’t wanna see what’s incubating inside of the filter!

    Laughably, our Mexican invasion seems to be ending, the Mexican freetailed bats look to be gathering at Phoenix, after their convention, showing up quite well on weather radar and look to be swarming to go south for the winter. Good for them! Hopefully, they avoided contracting white nose syndrome! That’s literally endangering bats nationwide, well, those who hibernate here.

    Predictions… Further fractures between moderate GOP types and lamestream extremists, which John Q. Public is getting tired of the extremist abuses of our Constitution. Maybe inject a Red Mercury fear into the extremists fearmongering and allow them a Red Mercury hunt, while everyone else on the planet laughs.
    Of course, an October Surprise. More likely, not surprising. Maybe Barr making all expressions of the first amendment a sedition charge, which would also side attack the evangelicals as side catch. Because, Trump does have one trait few have noticed. He has an anti-Midas touch – everything he touches does not turn into gold, it turns straight into shit.
    Violence on the right will increase out of scale, in part due to external agitation, in part, due to extremists thinking that they have free license. Opposing wingnuts continue to get blamed and the few that do swing back are enough to “justify” things inside of the leadership, while fissures grow into continental rift valleys.
    Fuck all if I know how it’ll turn out. The only thing that I’m thankful for is, Trump lacks the temperament and disposition to actually read our SIOP, so he’ll be unable to utilize our nuclear arsenal. Even a Cliff Notes version is far longer than a page long, lacks bulletpoints and worse, pictures.
    Oh, add in more and more official brownshirt actions, given Trump’s current celebrating a reporter “shot in the knee with a tear gas canister (were that true, her knee would’ve been totally shattered, it was a rubber bullet) during a peaceful protest that’s now branded as a riot. Only Trump rallies are peaceful protests, expect Biden rallies or gatherings to be branded riots.
    Increased internal pressure from governmental operations, as USPS forced slowdowns impact official message traffic, especially the transfer of classified documents and parcels being massively delayed.
    And the usual Trump’s X=rnd(z) actions of random zany.

  29. says

    Apparently this dumb piece of British racist stupidity hasn’t figured out the word Minnesota was from the Dakota native American tribe that was massacred and had their land stolen. She complains about Muslims taking over UK towns but hasn’t figured out what happened to Minnesota.

  30. Rob Grigjanis says

    chrispollard @34: Yes, it is true that, as well as being a truly vile human being, our Katie ain’t exactly the sharpest tack in the box.

    Things took a comedic turn when Hopkins declared she didn’t like “geographical names” such as Brooklyn or London, before Schofield pointed out that her own daughter’s name is India. “That’s not related to a place,” Hopkins said.

    The perfect Trump supporter.

  31. Rob Grigjanis says

    timgueguen @38: Sure, and someone called London might be named after the gin. Dead giveaway if their middle name is ‘Dry’.

  32. davidc1 says

    @39 And further down the queue a voice was heard ,,
    “Come on Dick ,i am not staying here to be insulted ”
    A punch line to a dirty joke .