I keep telling you, I refuse to get into ants

Nope, no way. They just keep getting in the way of finding spiders.

We took a walk out by our Horticulture Display Gardens, which recently reopened — but with sensible restrictions, like social distancing and masks and arrows designating the directions for walking. It was a little disappointing. Oh, sure, flowers and all that stuff, but our timing was off, because last night the area got pummeled by a brutal storm, there were downed trees and tree branches everywhere, and worst of all, most of the spider webs had been blown away. We found a few examples of spider survivors trying to recover from the catastrophe, like this brave little baby spider who had put together a beautifully formed orb web.

There were a few others around (posted on Instagram), but we’ll probably find more in a few days, once everything has dried out and they have a chance to do some reconstruction.


  1. JoeBuddha says

    Big ant fan here. I even had a coffee table book on ants (if I could find it).

  2. blf says

    @1, “Ant fan” sounds like something you’d find in teh Goop or Neiman Marcus catalogue.

  3. says

    I dunno PZ, ants are pretty cool. Did you know that the queens of some ant colonies can live for years ore even decades?