Socially Distant Hullabaloo!

I’m going to try again — a few friends and I will be trying to stream on YouTube tonight, at 7pm Central. Last time, I somehow botched the YouTube connection, but this time it might work. If it doesn’t, I’ll shut it down and restart and hope it all finally comes together.

Anyway, we’re just going to talk, drink, swear, weep, all the things I’m doing in private, only in public.

Hey, I actually got everything to work this time!


  1. blf says

    all the things I’m doing in private

    Now we’ll learn the trvth about the evil cat and under-volcano “laboratories” and and…

  2. nomdeplume says

    @4 I thought it was one of those photo-shopped ones where PZ is present 8 times in [slightly] different clothes and Mary is in the middle playing a guitar…

  3. Bruce Fuentes says

    Congrats. Glad to hear it was a success. If you do it again I will try to check it out in real time. You and your friends seem to be very interesting.
    Life suddenly got exhausting. I am no longer just a stay at home dad. I am now planner and education director for two boys ages 10 and 13. As well as homemaker and everything that entails.
    The wild ride begins.
    Will be interesting to how we come out on the other side. Or if there is an other side.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    BTW, Japanese antiviral medicine avigon/favipiravir is effective against COVID19 if taken early . Good luck hoping the Orange One will provide effective distribution….

  5. blf says

    I watched a few minutes live on YouTube. Seemed Ok, provided one finds watching talking heads interesting / useful. I don’t (in general) so very quickly stopped watching and went to bed (it was late at night my local time).

    That makes me wonder how (or how effectively?) diagrams, “chalkboards” / slides, &tc, can be shared? The video conferencing systems (plural) I have used in the past all had facilities expressly designed for such purposes, and I presume whatever-it-is which was being used can also do so, but during the (brief) time I watched, nothing of the sort was attempted, tested, or even mentioned.