Check out our updated roster on FtB!

We’re back on track here at Freethoughtblogs now that we’ve stomped a SLAPP suit into the mud. We’ve streamlined the lineup a little bit, archiving some of the blogs that haven’t been updated in a while (non-judgmentally, of course — their authors can get their blogs reinstated by dropping a note to us.) You can visit any of the listed blogs and find recent stuff.

We’ve also added 4 new blogs, with possibly a few others on the way. You should visit…

  • Andreas Avester. You may have noticed them commenting around these parts, and now they’re doing an art & philosophy & politics & social justice blog.
  • Impossible Me. Another familiar face: Abbeycadabra, writing about social justice, mental health and trans issues, broadcasting from her lair in Canada.
  • From the Ashes of Faith. Megan is a long-time blogger who is new to us, writing about mental health & parenting & atheism, naturally.
  • Scalpen. Raniel Ponteras is coming to us from the Philippines, and will be writing about the history of science and medicine.

We’re open to new applications as well, although it will be several months at least before we do another review. You can read our about page to get an idea of what we’re looking for.

Freethoughtblogs is open to new bloggers, upon approval. To apply, fill out our application form.

Don’t be discouraged if you have little blogging experience; we’re interested in providing opportunities to new voices. If you are inexperienced, we may give you a temporary account on our guest platform to give you a chance to try it out. However, samples of your writing are the most important criterion for acceptance.

What we are looking for: people who can contribute regularly, where “regularly” is loosely defined as at least once a month. We won’t be keeping close track, but we’ve noticed that those who write occasionally tend to easily lapse into those who don’t write at all.

We demand that our contributors are in favor of social justice causes. If you’re not for feminism, or racial equality, or trans rights, you are going to clash with our values and won’t last long here.

We also appreciate diverse voices. Atheism has been and still is dominated by white male voices, and while that is not a strike against anyone, we’d like to provide outlets for others, too.


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    Thanks for the shout-out, though I’d prefer to be referred to as ‘her’ if you don’t mind. The lair part, that bit’s accurate enough. I need to clean it at least enough to upgrade it to a “den”; if I’m lucky I may one day get to “habitat”.