Yikes, Silverman is SLAPPing some more

Look upon this document and moan.

It took me a moment to interpret this thing. OK, Silverman is suing American Atheists…isn’t that old news? Wait…this is about Silverman’s lawyer withdrawing from the suit, and substituting…David Silverman, who is now going to act as his own attorney.


This is not going to go well for him. I am almost feeling some sympathy for the guy, since someone seems to be ruthlessly and persistently fucking him over. It’s just that the someone is David P. Silverman.


  1. says

    Seems as if it goes well for Silvermann. /s
    Taking bets on which org will take him next. I am guessing a nice spell on Fox News or maybe even some Breitbard action?

  2. anthrosciguy says

    I guess we were due for a remake of “Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?”

  3. says

    I thought Silverman was already his own lawyer, that’s what we last heard. He must have hired a lawyer for a hot minute before the lawyer realized what a mistake it was.

  4. Porivil Sorrens says

    As the saying goes, someone who represents themself has a fool for a client and an ass for an attorney.

  5. larpar says

    @Siggy, #5 Thanks for the link.
    The actual lawyer probably realized the suit was baseless because the harm claimed by Silverman was nullified by Silverman getting a new job.

  6. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    I’m gonna get in on this fine suing action. I’ll be suing the now non-existent WB Network for cancelling Angel back in the early 2000s. That’ll get me some hot cash.