Yay! Atheism+ is back!

With a vengeance, even.

It should never have gone away.

Oh, wait. This guy is just responding to this other tweet.

It’s just someone pointing out that you should never touch someone without their permission. You know, that consent thing. That obvious expectation of simple consent is all it takes to proclaim the vengeful resurgence of Atheism+? That “Prince of Warmongers” guy is apparently a snowflake who is deeply offended by the fact that David Silverman is in trouble again for merely fondling a woman who innocently attended a party expecting to be respected, and he resents being told that he lives in a world where men are going to have to keep their hands off women’s bodies.

That’s not exactly Atheism+. But OK, if common sense behavior and sensitivity to other people is “Atheism+”, I guess Atheism+ is winning after all.

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  1. says

    So at the link, KC Klaus laughs at the idea that not groping people = Atheism+ (you should, of course, click the link for the full text and the lovely and communicative graphic).

    But I’m writing because I love the Prince of Warmongers’ reply to KC Klaus’ reply:

    I don’t expect you to understand how patronizing your OP truly is. It would also be a good general rule if I told you not to microwave babies at atheist conferences. I’m against people being groped, KC, you dumbfuck. I’m taking issue with the narrative you are promoting

    It’s amazing, I know, but I think that PoW doesn’t even actually understand why and how that analogy fails.

  2. anthrosciguy says

    …KC, you dumbfuck. I’m taking issue with the narrative you are promoting.

    I think it’s pretty clear what narrative Prince of Warmongers is promoting.

  3. says

    I often see references to Atheism+ with substance-less disparaging comments about social justice advocacy. It’s a fascinating defense mechanism.
    The reality of Atheism+ didn’t look like it was all that pushy, I thought we were far more aggressive over here. Yet there’s a repeatitive summoning of the scary athiest social justice group when someone sees social justice they don’t like and can’t articulate why they don’t like it. It reminds me of SJW.

  4. says

    A+’s last gasp of life was trying to start a blogging platform. And lo, one survivor remains… It is I, the Great American Satan! I wonder how many people remember that? I think our audience was two people plus seven or so slymepitters.

  5. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Now I have to form a new band called Atheism Plus and release an album titled “With A Vengeance.” Thanks, Prince of Buttmongers.