Anti-theism conference imploding

It looks like that Anti-Theism International Conference is deservedly self-destructing. Maryam Namazie and Aron Ra have withdrawn from the event.

No word from Richard Dawkins yet.

They really needed a better marketing director.


  1. hemidactylus says

    Hmmm…the comments on Mehta’s blog don’t load for me, probably because my browser. The upside is that the nasty popups and redirects that have bedeviled that site (Patheos wide?) don’t either (grrrrr!!!). But Mehta often has some pretty good content he and his Friendly Atheist blogging pals provide, regardless of whatever happens in the comments.

  2. larpar says

    @PZ, #2
    Sorry about linking to FA. My experience at FA is obviously different from yours. Most of the time it’s pretty civilized, lots of smart articulate commentators, but when a troll shows up, it’s much like your old thunderdome. People do get banned, maybe not to you’re standards, but it dose happen.
    Anyway, thanks for your blog, more birds less spiders. (I actually like the spider posts).

  3. psychomath says

    I don’t know what it looked like at FA when PZ posted, but the top comments now seem fine, at least. I did read Ms. Zahn’s comments, and zounds! is Richards an ass. I really despise the “The conference isn’t about harassment, so why are we talking about it?” approach. Also he snidely responds to the criticism that representatives and speakers were not screened by saying he fired the rep who made excuses for sexual assault. Screening is supposed to happen before you engage them, doofus!

  4. sarah00 says

    It appears that the website is “under construction” now. It was up a few weeks ago complete with schedule for the event and speaker profiles so it’s clearly been taken down as part of the implosion. I suspect (hope?) that this is the last we’ll see of this conference.

  5. says

    #4: No, it’s inexcusable. He’s still got Rich Sanderson, who has been an obsessive kook for at least a decade. The “friendly” atheist is one of the few places where he can still run rampant. I have to assume Hemant doesn’t mind keeping a guy around who accuses PZ Myers of rape every day.

    Patheos used to be our ad manager. They did such a bad job, they’re a primary reason we got rid of our ads altogether.

  6. Matt G says

    I get so sad when bad things happen to bad people.

    Also, thanks, a-holes, for making atheists look like the kind of human scum you are.