1. says

    Nice video. I notice that she occasionally uses her hind legs to pull out silk. Do they have any specific modifications to these legs for this?

  2. lochaber says

    huh, that’s pretty interesting. And I’m saying that as one of those people who isn’t terribly fond of spiders…

    That setup with the cardboard frame looks like it’s working out pretty well.

    Do you know much about the construction of the egg sack? towards the beginning it looked like mostly fluff, but towards the end it looked a lot smoother, do they make a cushioned fluffy/insulating interior, and then cover it with a tighter “mat” of webbing, or is it fairly homogeneous through out?

  3. rinn says

    I was wondering whether you still see the “drying up” of eggs, which happened with the Parasteatoda tepidariorum you captured. Have you figured out what went wrong back then?

  4. christoph says

    @EwgB, # 5: That’s adorable! Watching peacock spiders is a good way to get over arachnophobia.