1. wzrd1 says

    I actually had the corrupt file submitted as the assignment. No clue how it corrupted, but I always have intact backups.

  2. HappyHead says

    Huh. Despite having ticked off more than half of the boxes, I didn’t manage to get a single line of five on this bingo card.
    Hands down though, my absolute favourite is the guy who came up to me at the end of the final exam (which was being done in a shared room with another class, mine at one side, the other class at the other side), and handed me his exam and a doctors’ note, explaining that while he’d made it to every lecture, he was very sorry about being sick for the midterm, and there was his doctor note, so could I please wrap the grade for the midterm into his final exam.
    So I looked at the exam, and gee, it was for the other class. I don’t look anything like the guy that teaches that class. He’s got hair, and is about a foot shorter than me…

  3. says

    Oh happy days.
    Apparently meaningless and pointless meetings are really a form of group therapy. Really! And of course system crashes happen at the critical time, just when everybody wants to use it, so that is just why and when it is going to happen.
    Add to this, “can you just do this for me now?”, meaning that “the urgent work that you are doing is so much less worth than this job which is clearly below me.”

  4. charlesanthony says

    You missed “Interviewed by campus police because of pathetic loser students deflecting.”

  5. brightmoon says

    Happy Head when I was in college this kid decided to pester my teacher about his Boston accent the entire semester. He was supposed to be in the class next door. He forgot and handed in all the assignments for our class. He even got graded on them . Didn’t find out until the last day of class. As I walked out the door I could hear him begging our teacher to talk to his actual teacher.

  6. halbatross says

    Ouch. I was a lousy student for a period of time, I’m pretty sure that I could get you a bingo all by myself. It all worked out fine, though. running the portable toilet pump truck has it’s benefits.

  7. HappyHead says

    Brightmoon – wow, that’s actually an impressive accomplishment. The longest I ever had someone be in the wrong class was for a single lecture, because as they said, they were too embarassed to leave after I told everyone which class they were in. I have to wonder if the two subjects were similar enough that they didn’t realise it or something? I was teaching web design/programming, and was usually in the room next to either a language (ie: spanish) class, or a math class, so the difference was usually easy to spot for the people who showed up, even when the registrars’ office was bumping us around to different rooms every other week.