Yeth, Mithtrethth, I live to therve.

Yesterday, I fed my spiders waxworms, and they went mad for them. Their cages were festooned with dead or paralyzed grubs, and the spiders were sucking out their guts. It was all very charming. Today, though, I come in to find cages littered with blackened corpses, the effects of all that necrotic venom and digestive enzymes. Yuck. All of the spiders were bloated and engorged and had retreated to shadowy corners to digest. Except one, that was eager to use all her energy for a new purpose: Trillian made an egg sac! I just had to record her proud moment.

They’re such sweet little monsters.

Tomorrow, I get to clean out the decaying corpses. I’m feeling a bit like an Igor now.


  1. John Morales says

    Tomorrow, I get to clean out the decaying corpses. I’m feeling a bit like an Igor now.

    Mmm. I have seen quite the number of dessicated husks around a spider’s environs, so I can’t see the rush. Pretty sure the spiders won’t mind a few corpses hanging around.

    I mean, I get lab conditions condition (heh) one towards cleanliness, but this seems extreme.

    Perhaps clean half of them, see if the other half suffers adverse effects from your neglect of perfect timely cleanliness.

  2. Ridana says

    The black parts seem pretty localized. Are you sure they won’t come back later for a second helping elsewhere on the corpse? That seems like a bonanza too good to waste in the wild, unless the juices just putrefy the entire innards and make that impossible.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Leave a few orch guards ensnared in the web. That should keep the ladies fed for while.

  4. jack16 says

    In my residence in Korea there were several night lights (four-watt bulbs). At each light, there lived a crab spider. The remains of their prey would gather on the floor beneath each lamp. I wish they were here.