Babies are like cats

We got all these shiny noisy fancy toys for Iliana’s visit, and what’s her favorite thing? We picked up an empty refrigerator box from the local appliance store and cut windows in it.

We’ll be able to save a lot of money next time a grandchild visits!


  1. says

    It was the best toy for her grandfather, too, because we had it in the garage and it just instantly filled up with spiders.

  2. anthrosciguy says

    When my youngest brother was around two-three, he had a number of toys but his favorite was the box our snowblower came in. I used a magic marker to draw a dune buggy on each side (side, front, and back views) and a dashboard inside. Then I took the steering wheel from a toy car dashboard of his that was broken and attached it. He spent a lot of time in that one, taking his stuffed toys for rides, and it doubled as a toy box.

  3. wzrd1 says

    Our kids loved to play with the boxes that they toys came in more than they toys that were in those boxes.

  4. Hatchetfish says

    Appliance boxes really are treasure. I had a fleet of various wonderful vehicles and fantastic machines through my childhood, thanks to being the local Maytag man’s grandchild. Hanging around the shop backroom repair workbenches when I get older was even better: solenoids, magnetrons, float switches, servo motors, heat exchangers, everything a ten year old needs for a moon shot, if only there was some LOx around…

  5. magistramarla says

    John Morales @7
    Of course, my cats are like babies! My husband’s cat is especially like a baby. He likes for “Daddy” to hold him upside down like a baby and rock him in the rocking chair.

  6. says

    No surprises here. It is a common sight to see a cardboard box with a hole cut in it and a bowl of water and some kibble outside shops for the local cats to sleep in. During the day the strays survive on titbits fed to them by diners at the sidewalk restaurants and provide a service keeping the rats in check. Our first cat was a kitten adopted from a local cafe and our second is an extremely friendly stray that patrolled the service lane behind our old link house until we took it in. I think you would be in trouble if you put the grandkids on the street in a cardboard box though.

  7. Akira MacKenzie says

    In our household, used appliance boxes were quickly refitted and repurposed as submarines and space capsules.

  8. anbheal says

    I absolutely ADORE the look of disappointment of Auntie Margaret’s and Auntie Sheila’s faces Christmas morning when Brigid’s two-year-old is more interested in the box their gift came in than the gift itself. They spent $150 on that little car, and the kid couldn’t care less!

  9. grandolddeity says

    Mom drew the dashboard, cut a slit and plugged in a Revere lid as a steering wheel. One of my childhood faves. Also a jar of buttons! Imagine what one could do with a piece of coal and a shovel!

  10. jrkrideau says

    On the other hand, the next visiting grandchild may be wondering where the steak and foie gras are.

  11. George says

    Yea, I’d perfer playing in a box, too. But, at 57, it’s hard find one big enough.