1. blf says

    This came up in a search for myers ninth ray. Whilst the “Myers” part is obvious, as is the “Ray” (follow the link), the “Ninth” eludes me… I’m excerpting it only because it’s this Myers is so completely loopy, Damn Right, I’m a White Nationalist Declares Texas GOP Platform Committee Member:

    A connected tea party activist says white nationalism has nothing to do with race supremacy — it’s just part of Trump’s America First vision.

    At the Texas Republican Party’s 2018 convention, […] Myers was a part of a select group of activists charged with crafting the platform for the biggest and most influential state party in the country. Myers is also a white nationalist, a fact that he declared last week. Damn Right, I’m a WHITE NATIONALIST and very Proud of it, Myers wrote in a Facebook post last Tuesday.

    Myers […] has been involved in GOP politics for decades. But the pivotal political moment came when Obama came on the scene. I knew immediately that America was in trouble, he said in an Empower Texans profile. Soon after, he founded a tea party chapter in Kaufman County, just east of Dallas. More recently, Myers was a member of Ted Cruz’s Texas Leadership Team during his presidential campaign, served as a Cruz delegate at the RNC convention and went on to become a Trump volunteer, according to his Facebook profile.

    Reached by phone on Friday, Myers insisted that he saw nothing wrong with labeling himself a white nationalist. I am Anglo and I’m very proud of it, just like black people and brown people are proud of their race. I am a patriot. I am very proud of my country, Myers said. And white nationalist, all that means is America first. That’s exactly what that means. That’s where the president’s at. That’s where I’m at and that’s where every solid patriotic American is. It doesn’t have anything to do with race or anything else.

    Myers told the [Texas] Observer that he agrees with Trump’s claim that the media is the enemy of the people, and said the left is pushing a narrative to make white people ashamed of their heritage and to cast nationalists as racist right-wing Nazis, which he insisted is the furthest damn thing from the truth ever.


    The 2018 platform includes numerous planks that espouse a nationalistic view, including a demand for using English, and only English voting ballots; the reasonable use of profiling to defeat radical Islamic terrorists; a condemnation of participation in the United Nations as a threat to US sovereignty; an abolition of the refugee resettlement program; the prohibition of any sort of immigration amnesty; a constitutional amendment defining citizenship as those born to a citizen of the United States or through naturalization, among many others.


    And on and on and on. YES, it gets even crazier !!1!

    Now if I could just figure out why the search misengine finds “Ninth” in all that…

  2. René says

    Clearly, the Poopyhead is keeping it secret that they have a goodlooking Doppelgänger.

  3. blf says

    No obvious mention of spiders, Ninth Ray Of Meditation Decree:

    In the name I AM THAT I AM, we call to the Chohans of the Ninth Ray of Meditation, Isis and Osiris in their retreat over Mount Shasta, to come forth and seal us in this ray of meditative bliss. We also call to Elohim Marcus and Elizabeth and all the Buddhas of the ninth ray of meditation to come forth and overshadow us this day, and especially to beloved Maitreya to overshadow us with your Buddhic sense. Guide us to the truth of our being, becoming More of thy Buddhic light […]

    No mention of Pee Zed, Myers, or Poopyhead either, but it’s presumably easy to shoehorn that trokia into the woo.

  4. MHiggo says

    Like Thomas and Aaron said, their community includes some top-shelf memers.

  5. jrkrideau says

    Ray Myers, tastefully attired in a white sheet and matching pillowcase, said “…said the left is pushing a narrative to make white people ashamed of their heritage and to cast nationalists as racist right-wing Nazis…”

    This guy is stark raving insane and dangerous.

  6. Rob Grigjanis says

    Didn’t those guys do “Ventura Highway”? Lovely little song, that.

  7. says

    If he’s in a band, it’s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. Although PZ obviously isn’t the egotistical guitarist…

  8. wzrd1 says

    I did the band thing ages ago, as keyboards player, as I play pretty much anything with a keyboard (OK, played, since the severe tinnitus and 45 db upper range hearing loss, can’t enjoy it any longer). Had perfect pitch detection, could tell precise notes and if an instrument was haout of tune.
    Interestingly, I’ve always been incapable of singing while playing or even speaking, at best, it’s halting speech and introducing musical errors, typically, I’m non-vocal while playing.

    Just as well, my singing voice is rather reminiscent of a fog horn with gravel tossed inside of the resonator. ;)
    That’s my lie and I’m sticking with it.