At the Close the Camps protest in Morris, Minnesota

We had a good turnout, about 75 people.

We signed stuff. We’re sending a message to our Blue Dog Democratic representative, not that I expect he’ll give a damn.

We also read testimonials from kids in the camps, and also a list of the names of children who died in custody was read out. This was grim.

I learned something new, too: ICE is planning to open up “detention centers” all over the country, including nearby in Appleton, MN. You might want to find out if they’ll be creating concentration camps in your backyard, so you can start getting ready to protest.


  1. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    If you have to punch a Nazi security guard at the concentration camp while freeing kids from these deplorable conditions, I’ll cheer you on, and also jury-nullify too. This is one of the few cases where it would be an easy choice for me to jury nullify.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ EnlightenmentLiberal

    I think you’re going to need something a bit more powerful and potentially lethal than just a punch if you plan to hypothetically liberate those detention camps.

  3. starfleetdude says

    Already rejected a “detention center” (a private prison) in my own community, thank you very much. And no, it wasn’t just about the zoning, but that did matter. There was no support for it in the city at all, and no Trump voters even tried to make a case for it. I’m hoping they’re beginning to realize how badly they’re being had. I know, it’s a slender thread.

    Company withdraws plan for ICE detention center in western Wisconsin (4-19-2019)
    The city of New Richmond recommended against approving the plan.

  4. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    To Akira MacKenzie
    Are you suggesting that they are properly monitoring the place 24-7? I would be not be surprised if they are not.

  5. John Morales says

    CD, hm. I made nothing much of that, since age and gender are routinely reported, and multiple sampling will reveal patterns. If were, say, age and country of origin, similarly, two axes.

    But you do make me think.

  6. dianne says

    Consider the question of what Trump intends to do with the camps in the midwest. They’re not to relieve overcrowding. Yesterday he spoke about homelessness and mentioned a possible need to “intervene”. I think I know how he intends to fill the new camps.

  7. anat says

    I was at the office of Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal today, as part of the protests. People asked her what they can do to help. Among other things she said to contact senators and demand that they require accountability from any agency or organization that deals with detainees. In Particular she asked to contact Senators McConnell and Schumer.

  8. says

    Remember when Alex Jones and his ilk were talking about how the UN was going to set up concentration camps? It’s as if the proto-fascist wing of the country reveals all their plans; they just can’t stop projecting and talking about it. It’s a giveaway but bragging seems to be part of the fascist mindset.

  9. says

    In Particular she asked to contact Senators McConnell and Schumer.

    If you contact McConnell make sure you tell them you’re white, so they shouldn’t just ignore you.

  10. says

    Well done.
    I still hope that we will be able to prevent full fascism, but you (and many other countries) are already a long way into it. And then nobody will be able to take the USA down like they did with Nazi Germany.
    It follows the old playbook of othering and dehumanising groups, making people accept worse and worse cruelties. The people who don’t draw the line at this will not draw the line at anything.
    Maybe that’s a question actual journalists should ask Republicans: What would have to happen for you to draw the line?

  11. dianne says

    Giliell@13: I personally think it’s already too late and we’re screwed. We let them come for the trade unions in the 1980s and didn’t say a word. At that point, they knew we’d take fascism, as long as it didn’t inconvenience us too much. The US is doomed and deservedly so. I’m only sorry it’s taking the rest of the world with it.

  12. Saad says

    Giliell, #12

    It follows the old playbook of othering and dehumanising groups, making people accept worse and worse cruelties. The people who don’t draw the line at this will not draw the line at anything.

    Exactly. A few years ago, many people would have said they would not stand for children being imprisoned and treated inhumanely. Next year if there is leaked footage of these same children being starved and put to work or worse, what would the American public’s response really be?

  13. says

    Saad @15

    We’ve seen it. An old white bearded man indignant at the “leftist media” for trying to make him feel sympathy, when obviously it’s the children’s parents fault, they should have known what would happen when they tried to come to the ‘land of the free’.

  14. jrkrideau says

    Private concentration camps! Even more evil as there is the profit motive not to feed or supply toothpaste to inmates.

    I think ‘land of the free’ translates as another shithole country, just one that might have been marginally better than immigrants’ native shithole country.

  15. rydan says

    I’m curious. Once you punch out all the Nazis and free the prisoners what do you do? Just set them free to wander the wilderness? Do we take them with us? Do we storm the prison housing their parents to reunite them? What if their parents aren’t even in the country? What’s the real game plan here?

  16. anat says

    rydan @18: According to Congresswoman Jayapal, the vast majority of the children from among the prisoners have relatives in the US that they know about. So as a first step they can be placed with said relatives until any adult that came with them to the border can be located and until the status of the children can be clarified. The relatives can help the children with dealing with bureaucracy too.