Oh no! I forgot Paul Nelson Day again!

You can’t really blame me, can you? He’s so bland and forgettable, and has such goofy ideas. I was supposed to celebrate last week, on 7 April, so I guess I’ll just celebrate now.

There will be another Paul Nelson Day. Meh. Except…

Goddammit Plato, shut up.

I see from the comments that everyone else has forgotten who Paul Nelson is.


OK, I’ll explain: Nelson is a fellow of the Discovery Institute, an Intelligent Design creationist whose schtick was to register and attend legitimate scientific meetings and present “evidence” that evolution needed a designer. At one meeting where I met him, he had a poster claiming that he had a metric called “ontogenetic depth” that he could measure, and had been measuring, to show the complexity of developing organisms. I was interested. I asked him for his protocol so I, too, could go into my lab and get a number for the complexity of zebrafish. He said he would. He didn’t. I asked him multiple times, every time he had an excuse and promised to get it off to me soon. He never did. Still hasn’t. Apparently, his poster was presented under false pretenses and his method was imaginary.

So I take this opportunity every year to remind a creationist of his failure, and to highlight his dishonesty to everyone else.


  1. says

    Link is a circle jerk. And yeah, Who TF is Paul Nelson? Apparently we aren’t supposed to care so I guess I shouldn’t ask.

  2. larpar says

    It’s under audit, and besides, it’s so complicated that you folks wouldn’t be able to understand it.

  3. ridana says

    #3 @ cervantes: No, the link is an archive of all the Paul Nelson Day articles over the years (fooled me too, until I scrolled down). Many of them have the explanation of the origin of PN Day. It’s funny. Unfortunately, the last of the 4 pages took me down an Orson Scott Card rabbit hole, from which I’ve only just now been able to extricate myself from. (huh, when I first looked at it, the list of PN posts was 4 pages long, inexplicably ending with a diatribe against OSC. Now it’s only 2 pages. So anyone following along will be spared that diversion!)

  4. Matt G says

    Oops, I was thinking of Paul Davies, physicist and guy-who-knows-cancer-better-than-those-cancer-experts.

  5. Louis says

    Incidentally, I keep mixing up 4/20 with 4/7.

    I blame illogical American date formats and a certain fondness for …

    Something I just forgot.


  6. blf says

    Perhaps there should be a Forgetting Paul Nelson Day Day?
    And, for that matter, also a Forgetting Paul Nelson Day? (Which, except for Paul Nelson Day and Forgetting Paul Nelson Day Day, could easily happen all of the other 363 days of the annual orbit.)