The November elections will be…interesting

I took a look at the Minnesota primary election results. There weren’t really any surprises, although there was one disappointment.

The disappointment is that Tim Walz will be the DFL candidate running for governor in November. I despise Tim Walz — he’s a conservative Democrat who has been in the pocket of the NRA for years. What’s particularly galling about it is that I keep seeing people saying that they voted for Walz because he was most appealing to outstate (the obnoxious term people in the Twin Cities use for the region outside the Twin Cities) voters, so they were supporting the DFL candidate most likely to win over those Neandertals who don’t reside in the metropolitan region.

I live in “outstate” Minnesota. Grrrr. Don’t assume we’re all gun-totin’ rednecks out here.

The one bit of good news was the election turnout — record numbers all around. Most importantly, there were 600,000 DFL voters and 300,000 Republican voters. You’ve got to wonder how any Republicans ever get elected.

(Rhetorical question: it’s because of criminal levels of gerrymandering, and because in most elections voter apathy is high.)


  1. says

    in most elections voter apathy is high.

    In a well-functioning state, apathy would not be a problem, because there would be decent candidates, with reasonable agendas, and no need to get all excited about trying to keep sociopaths from deliberately kneecapping the body politic. So, yeah, excitement is an appropriate response. Rage is, too. I hope that the democrats don’t mistake voters’ reactions for “wow, they sure like us more” when that may not be what’s going on.

  2. coragyps says

    High voter apathy? Surely not!! Here in Texas I bet we have twicet as much as you Yankees do!! And twicet as ignurnt voters, too!!

  3. says

    PZ, you and your silly moral and ethical “stances”. Don’t you understand that holding actual positions is passé? Candidates should be weathervanes who reverse position with the latest poll results (or the latest donation) and are willing to compromise everything away in order to “get things done” even if the things which “get done” are against the public interest.

  4. says

    I don’t like him either but I like his running mate. She is native and has a lot of experience. I had to hold my nose because of him but I could not vote for my union desires. I get so angry when they tell us how to vote. I am happy and not surprised that Tpaw did not make it. Ish!