1. Ed Seedhouse says

    He didn’t mention the tentacles at the end of your feet.

    Proper tentacles, however, would bend far better than the ones I am stuck with.

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin thinks the quoted twitinger is off their cheese.

    She recommends a carefully phased recheesing programme, starting with strapping them down somewhat like a roasted pig (sans apple in the mouth), and then a careful feeding with cheeses until they return to a point where they no longer “see the curvature of the Universe” (to borrow a Terry Pratchett phrase). The first cheeses should be fairly mild ones, tasty but not requiring cheese literacy, to calm them down and reassure them the recheesing is not harmful. A considerate & compassionate ramping up to more and more “sophisticated” cheeses then follows, albeit probably with occasional lulls or even mild regressions as they perhaps complain about the diet. Gently explaining (use a small mallet) and reassurance (show them the mallet first before using it) will, in time, get over these small piles of regurgitated cheeses. In many cases, recheesing will restore a lack of sense of balance and a totally cheese perspective, with the patient returning to a normal life of feeding the mildly deranged penguin (mostly cheeses).

    In a few cases, the treatment does not work. This is still a research problem, what can be done to politicianslawyers to cure them ?

    Tentacles, she(the mildly deranged penguin) says are a good sign. Having or imaging them — contrary to many political cartoons — is a sign they are still attached to reality. They realise things are connected and actions have consequences. It’s when there is no supposed tentacles the politican’slawyer’s system breaks down, as can be seen currently in the UK, the States, and other authoritarian regimes. (Which is not to say “the system” is correct or perfect — e.g., most “systems” do not including feeding the mildly deranged penguin cheese, MUSHROOMS!, vins, et al., as an important objective. This is so far from perfectly correct it can “see the curvature of the Universe”, she insists.)

  3. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Imagination IS Magic, seriously. Magic, not meaning the source of imagination, the results of imagination are Magic, meaning full of wonder. Imagination provides many with a magical ability to connect many disconnected pieces to formulate working theories tying all those things into predictability. All Science is the result of imagination.
    thank you

  4. says

    Ed, “Proper tentacles, however, would bend far better than the ones I am stuck with.” True enough! This is one of the areas that “intelligent(?) design” has failed. We should have at least 3 arms, maybe four, to make life easier and a lot more fun! Your also right about the tentacles! For one they, along with other body parts, should be able to regenerate. I’m surprised that this doesn’t happen given the violence man has perpetrated against fellow man through the millennia.

    I use “man” because if women had more power, a lot of the bullsh!t just wouldn’t have happened. We need a progressive woman to run for POTUS in 2020. Hillary and Kamala need not apply. Elizabeth, we need you in the Senate.