That’s Richmond, Ohio, not Richmond, Virginia

Watch this Ohio couple try to explain how the display of confederate flags, and lawn jockeys with bright red lips and afro wigs are not at all racist — why, they’re just honoring Ohio’s role in the Civil War.

It used to be that if you wanted to stereotype someone as stupid, you’d give them a Southern drawl and have them pretend to be a racist redneck. It’s so nice of Midwesterners to step in and break down our prejudices by showing that people can be thick no matter where they live.


  1. rjlangley says

    Was that a trigger warning at the beginning? From Fox?

    No doubt the freeze peach bros will be outraged.

  2. ck, the Irate Lump says

    lpetrich wrote:

    Michigan high school closed after trucks with Confederate flags gather

    Oh, that story is even worse. They closed the high school after some people apparently said they were going to confront the students that parked those Confederate flag adorned trucks.

  3. johnk83776 says

    I’m surprised that as a biologist you didn’t notice that the gentleman has some pretty obvious neurological deficits. As for the woman, she appears much more neurologically intact. She just might want somebody new to talk to – she seems to be getting lots of attention.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    johnk83776 #6

    …as a biologist you didn’t notice that the gentleman has some pretty obvious neurological deficits…

    What a bizarre thing to say.

  5. billyjoe says

    I agree with chigau (Jesus, what’s the world coming to!).
    John is pretending to be able to diagnose a person as having a neurological deficit on the basis of a video. Worse, he is expressing surprise that PZ Myers has not done likewise. Hell, even a neurologist would stay well clear of that.
    What were you thinking, John?

  6. says

    PZ Myers — I feel compelled to point out that the very worst responses to the civil rights marches took place in Chicago and New York. In the South, bigots had Jim Crow on their side, and while counter demonstrations were organized, they really weren’t that big. In the north, though, with only social forces available, counter demonstrations were far larger, far more vile, and far more dangerous. Dr. King noted several times in letters and speeches that felt more threatened in Chicago than he ever did in Atlanta.