It’s International Richard Herring Explains to Clueless Men That 19 November is International Men’s Day Day

It’s International Women’s Day! Congratulations, ladies, on the one day a year we’ll acknowledge your existence, but you still aren’t getting a raise, and hey, why should we hire you anyway when you’re just going to get pregnant and go goof off with babies instead of doing your work?

To add further insult, the internet is going to be full of indignant stupid men whining about why women get a special day and they don’t, which means someone has to clean up the garbage. Richard Herring has volunteered to do the cleanup, and has begun his long day of informing dull plodding fools that there is also an International Men’s Day on 19 November. It will be simultaneously entertaining and infuriating.

He’s also using it as an opportunity to raise money for Refuge, a charity for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, so you could also donate to that.


  1. kestrel says

    LOL. Now there’s a thankless and unending job. And I’m not just guessing, here. I speak from a lifetime of personal experience.

  2. blf says

    Amusingly, according to Ye Pffft! of All Knowledge, November 19th is also World Toilet Day.

    It’s also Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

    Also, as noted previously in poopyhead’s current Political Madness All the Time thread, today there is a Catholic conference in Rome on “Why Women Matter”. It was to be held in the Vatican, but was moved at the last minute after those child raping cultists tried to censor the proceedings, banning (among others) former Irish President Mary McAleese from attending. According to the BBC, Catholic Church ‘an empire of misogyny’ — Mary McAleese:

    [… The Voices of Faith conference] are celebrating International Women’s Day by demanding a greater say for women in Church governance.

    Pope Francis has declined to attend their meeting or to celebrate Mass for those attending.

    Vatican Radio has censored its reports on their demand for gender equality.


    Senior Vatican officials took objection to the inclusion of a Ugandan woman who champions Lesbian and Gay Catholic rights in her country, where homosexuality is a crime.


    Irish-born US cardinal Kevin Farrell, a senior Vatican official, said it was not appropriate for the women to be taking part in the conference.


  3. tbtabby says

    Neatorama has an article from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader about Sara Josephine Baker, with some Kate Beaton cartoons to boot. This is a woman to read about for anyone who thinks one person can’t make a difference.

  4. Gorogh, Lounging Peacromancer says

    Sad enough, even proponents of International Women’s Day can be oblivious to their own reactionary positions… a colleague just sent me . Check out the word cloud constituting the female symbol. “Devotion. Trusting. Warm. Mother. Sensitive. Patient. Family.” – the f?

  5. says

    @ blf

    “November 19th [International Men’s Day] is also World Toilet Day”

    So that’s the one day it’s OK for men to leave the seat up*!!! Yay!
    * Actually we both leave the lid down.

  6. blf says

    Although both myself@2 and others have used World Toilet Day (Nov-19) in a humorous manner, it’s actually trying to draw attention to a serious issue — the lack of both potable water and adequate sanitation. Addressing that is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, to provide “clean drinking water and sanitation for everyone everywhere.”

    The current World Toilet Day site has not yet been updated for this year’s day (but does make informative reading about previous years’s days, and the problem). The UN’s site is also informative.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    Re International women’s day, women on Turkey’s university campuses are joining together to fight sexism and make the authorities act against harassers. If the authorities do not act, the women take on the transgressors themselves.
    They call themselves “campus witches” , witch makes sense when you think of how Mrs. Weatherwax or Nanny Ogg would deal with attempted harassment.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    (Revenge fantasy; imagine Roy Moore losing his way and turning up in the Ramtop mountains. “Excuse me, old hag, where do I find the nearest mall? “)

  9. cartomancer says

    Will he be doing it via a special comeback episode of Histor’s Eye, accompanied by Stewart Lee as Pliny?

  10. gijoel says

    Irish-born US cardinal Kevin Farrell, a senior Vatican official, said it was “not appropriate” for the women to be taking part in the conference.

    It’s like a Flight of the Concord sketch. Jebus.

  11. auntbenjy says

    @ birgerjohansson #10
    I’d love to see that kind of headology. It would indeed be satisfying. :)

  12. birgerjohansson says

    cartomancer @ 11
    Therer are lots of people named Stewart Lee, are you thinking of the British TV comedian?

  13. blf says

    Trigger Warning: Extreme misogynistic creep ahead…
    (Cross-posted from poopyhead’s current Political Madness All the Time thread…)



    This game teaches men it’s OK to grope women. Help me get it off sale:

    Super Seducer is the work of a pickup artist who even Piers Morgan[] finds vile. I’m calling on gamers to join my campaign

    If you’re not good at cooking you better be real good at sucking dick. That memorable line is from a new video game released this week, just in time for International Women’s Day.

    The game is called Super Seducer. It was created by a pickup artist called Richard La Ruina, a man Piers Morgan[] recently branded “repulsive” for his views on British women. Take that in for a second. Piers Morgan thinks this man’s views on women are beyond the pale. In the game players are given the option to try out different lines and “moves” on women, like grabbing their breasts … or their bottom. The aim is to hone your skills for real life so you can “win” the ultimate prize: the girl of your dreams.

    What the game is really offering men a masterclass in harassment, not seduction. […]

    Don’t let the cringey promo video distract you from how toxic this game is. It literally presents groping a woman as one of a menu of options available to men when dating. It tells men that women are prizes to be won through persistence and psychological tricks. It is training for the next generation of Harvey Weinsteins. […]

    Pickup artists like La Ruina make a living selling men sleazy “seduction tricks” to teach them how “to pull”. Behind the so-called psychology of his methods are some pretty dangerous ideas. That persistence and the right lines are more important than what a woman tells you she wants. Too many of us have been on the receiving end of those ideas. Too many of us have had to deal with men who won’t take no for an answer, convinced it’s a matter of time until we succumb to their “charms”. […]

    I’m sick of living in a society where grabbing and groping women is considered normal behaviour. This game goes even further than that — it makes harassment something to aspire to, an achievement […]

    Sony will not be releasing this “game” (initially, apparently, it intended to), Sony blocks Super Seducer video game on PlayStation. The company which has released it is Steam, and is the (main) target of the above-excerpted column’s wrath; e.g., “La Ruia may not know better than to encourage men to harass women, but a company the size of Steam should. They never should have approved this game for sale.”

      † Piers Morgan is a creepy UK “journalist”, and was editor of the Daily Mirror at the time it was heavily involved in the illegal “hacking” of phones. He’s the sort of vile person it is very very hard not to punch on sight.

  14. Mark Dowd says

    Why do women get a day, what about MEEEEEE?????????? November is like in a million years, I want it NOW!!!!


  15. says

    @blf, #16: This sort of thing is why I’m cautiously in favour of sex robots. Certain men who want to get their filthy little rocks off should be given a machine designed for the purpose, on the taxpayer’s shilling — and then not be allowed within a kilometre of a real woman.

  16. cartomancer says

    Birgerjohansson, #14,

    Yes, that Stewart Lee. Stewart Lee and Richard Herring were a comedy writing and performing double act in the early 1990s, when I was a pre-teen and discovering comedy for the first time. I absolutely adored their experimental “Fist of Fun” and “This Morning with Richard, Not Judy” series. Part of which was a parody of a children’s history programme, done with crap puppets, called “Histor’s Eye”, where Herring played a pirate captain crow called Histor and Lee was his irritating sidekick Pliny (also a crow).

    These are the sorts of formative media experiences that made me the weirdo I am today.