Aron Ra vs. Kent Hovind, tonight

Tonight, at 7pm EST, Aron Ra is going to engage Kent Hovind on this YouTube channel.

I’ll probably tune in, but here’s a hint for future debates: tell me what the question is. This is two personalities clashing in public, and that’s all I know. Without a good sharp question, I know exactly what Hovind is going to do — it’s going to be a smarmy Gish Gallop with Hovind skittering all over the place, and Aron marching along behind, stomping out lies as fast as he can, and both will declare victory at the end.

It would also be good to have a forceful moderator who shuts down either side if they start drifting off topic…but if we don’t have a solid topic ahead of time, they won’t be able to do that.


  1. davidnangle says

    I’ll try to watch, but will be cringed out fairly early. Probably should just watch a few Systematic Classification of Life videos to clear out all the brain filth with a firehose of knowledge and reason.

  2. Callinectes says

    Aron and the NonSequitur show have made very clear that this is not a debate, but it don’t think Hovind is capable of receiving that message.

  3. rgmani says

    I heard Hovind debate Massimo Pigliucci on the InfidelGuy show many years ago. Hovind’s entire focus was on showing how evolution was impossible and anytime Massimo brought up an argument about how much could be achieved given the hundreds of millions of years that evolution has been going on, his response was always “Time – that’s the evolutionists’s God” – implying that evolution was as much a religion as the stuff home was peddling. After fifteen minutes or so, it got painful to listen to. I know Aron is a great debater but why the hell is he doing this?

    – RM

  4. says

    Well if it’s not a debate, what is it supposed to be?

    BTW this nonsense of Billy Graham lying in state in the Capitol really frosts my pumpkin.

  5. says

    I’m sure that this will be the time when one of the “sides” conclusively convinces the other that it’s wrong, as has never happened before. This debate will matter. This is the one.

  6. tacitus says

    So, another chance for Hovind to promote his new, homemade “Dinosaur Adventure Land” compound, I mean, theme park. Yeah, no thanks.

    Aron Ra should ask Hovind how the repayment of the $3.3 million in back taxes and penalties he still owes the American taxpayers is going.

  7. billyjoe says

    It was not meant to be a debate. Hovind was going to put his case and Ra was going to point out his errors. Unfortunately, it was a “no show” for Hovind, though the reason he didn’t show remain obscure. Something to do with being unable to activate skype and then, when everything was sorted out, saying that he thought they rescheduled and that he was now booked to appear on another program and had to leave.

  8. jeffreykramer says

    I think the only circumstances under which any rational human being should debate a young-earth creationist (or a representative of any other form or organized insanity) would be if there were a judge present, and objections could be made as in a courtroom (“non-responsive” “assumes facts not in evidence,” etc.). Then if the judge sustains the objection, the violator loses the time and his statement is taken off the (video) record.

  9. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says

    Rescheduled – FRIDAY MARCH 2nd 2018 at 7PM EST
    AronRa (51:12):

    During the first half-hour or so there were technical problems, and the technical problems were… that Kent Hovind couldn’t figure out how to Skype.
    While his IT guy, who didn’t find out about this until 90 minutes earlier (although he knew about it 3 days earlier), is still trying to figure out how to Skype, Kent gets onto another show… And he does this other show for 20 minutes. And the other show is done without an internet connection, somewhere out in the sticks where no one can contact him. […] And somehow with no internet access and while doing another show, he recorded *his* half of this conversation. And uploaded it, with no internet. Without knowing anything that I was going to ask him or tell him.

  10. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says

    Video: The NonSequitur Show – Aron Ra and Kent Hovind (2:00:00)
    This exchange at 1:44:24 typifies the whole show.

    McRae: What would be a created kind – from that original kind – that all species of pachyderms and mastodons and woolly mammoths came from?
    AronRa: Also the common ancestor of sirenians, so manatees are part of the elephant kind if you wanna group that way.
    McRae: […] What do you call the original kind?
    Hovind: Hold it. Don’t forget to include all the planets, ’cause they’re made of the same elements! So they’re the same kind also. They all have the same 92 elements.
    AronRa: Is it possible, Kent, that you think that other people could listen to you and think that that was a smart answer!?
    McRae: That has nothing to do with what I just asked.
    Hovind: I don’t understand how you guys can’t get it.