There are more Stephen Millers out there

That a young racist asshole like Miller has risen to become the man in charge of immigration policy in America is scary enough, but there are still more Children of the Corn waiting their turn. Take a look at Cory Carnley. All you need is this one picture to know he’s a terrible human being.

Yeah, he’s proud of reporting a fellow student to ICE, because turning in race traitors is what the Hitler Youth do. He also likes to get on social media and argue that he ought to be allowed to say the “N” word, recite nonsense from The Bell Curve, threaten to murder immigrants, and say “Merry Christmas” as offensively as possible.

He’ll go far, I’m afraid.

Well, being expelled from high school for being a ranting jackhole might put a brief glitch in his plans. Having his name spread far and wide may also slow him down a little, until Trump sees him and makes him a duke or something.


  1. says

    For all of the idiots out there who think fighting the Republican/GOP problem in this country is as simple as waiting for the few, lingering remnants of an aging, hateful, over-privileged generation to die off: EXHIBIT A.

  2. Steve Bruce says

    Another martyr for the Freeze Peach warriors! Hopefully he will be invited on Rubin report to discuss how the regressive left is destroying the world and then become a darling of the atheist-skeptic movement!

  3. Larry says

    Well, the last Hitler youth the orange anus appointed to be deputy drug czar resigned last week. Something about lying about his “qualifications” (hint: he had none). This should open up a spot for an even younger asshole with even less experience. This idjit should fill the bill nicely.

  4. laurian says

    Well, Bless his lil heart. Almost without exception these young Nazis grown up and publicly repent at a press event announcing a book tour.

  5. psychomath says

    I blame the Internet. There were always idiots, but they were too dumb to form groups in most cases. Now they find each other online easily and normalize their idiocy and encourage each other. Unfortunately, I see no way this will ever be otherwise. The only question is, will they become a majority?

  6. rietpluim says


    OMFG why do these braindead asshats always think they’re being sharp and witty.

  7. jacksprocket says

    The little cack already has the “right” to do all of those things. Sadly. And everybody else has the right to call him a steaming pile of shit for being proud of his total ignorance. In the UK inciting violence is an offence, but it’s applied to darkish people a lot more than to proper whites- they even released a self- proclaimed nazi who had driven a car at somebody. That somebody happened to be brown skinned though, so he wasn’t a proper somebody.

  8. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    I see bright things in his future. Hopefully bright enough to have a black body temperature of a few thousand degrees!

  9. thirdmill says

    No. 7, you beat me to it. Of course he can already do all those things; he just wants to be able to do them with no social, economic, or other consequences. His quarrel is that cause and effect is still a law.

  10. rpjohnston says

    @thirdmill exactly. I think his behavior might change if a couple dozen of his classmates got together after school to have a little chat with him. Not the most elegant solution, but nazis have gotten out of their place and need to be put back in it.

  11. says

    Exaggerated pipe for effect. In this case, the effect will be diminished lung capacity in later years.
    (speaking from sad experience, though I smoked a more modest pipe)

  12. gijoel says

    So slightly off topic, I read this article that argues that America is rapidly becoming a failed state. Obscene behaviour is becoming normalized. I don’t mean obscene as in people wearing less clothes, or cursing. I’m talking about a callous disregard for life.
    Where people would rather believe the government staged a mass shooting in a elementary school than restricting gun sales to the mentally ill. Where a political party is hell bent publishing a false document in an attempt to subvert an investigation by a law enforcement agency.

    Terry Prachet once said, “Shoot the dictator and prevent the war? But the dictator is merely the tip of the whole festering boil of social pus from which dictators emerge; shoot one, and there’ll be another one along in a minute. Shoot him too?” Looking at Cory, all I see is the festering pus bubbling away in America.

  13. Rich Woods says

    until Trump sees him and makes him a duke or something.

    Under normal historical aristocratic rules, no-one can become a duke until a far greater number of lower-ranking people have been appointed counts.