My plan for today

I’m all done with classes! But I still have a full schedule. Here’s my day:

  1. Walk down to the gym, put in a half hour or so.

  2. Walk to the coffee shop, plunk my butt down and drink a cup.

  3. Grade.

  4. Grade.

  5. Grade.

  6. Grade.

  7. Grade.

  8. Grade.

  9. Grade.

  10. Grade.

  11. Grade.

  12. Grade.

  13. Grade.

  14. Grade.

  15. Grade.

  16. Grade.

  17. Grade.

  18. Grade.

  19. Go home and pass out.

It is a good plan. It is the best plan.


  1. davidw says

    You forgot “eat while grading”. I almost always eat “al desko”. That’s why there’s the occasional spot of barbecue sauce on my papers. (Hey, I make my own, and I have to be constantly doing quality testing!)

  2. FossilFishy (NOBODY, and proud of it!) says

    So you’re going to grade until you reach your angle of repose?

    (I’ll see myself out.)

  3. kenbakermn says

    Sounds like a perfect day. Until you get to step 3.

    But this makes me think. Back in one of the previous centuries, I forget exactly which one, when I was in college, I probably didn’t appreciate the professors enough for all the work they had to put in after I was done and celebrating with a keg.

  4. shouldbeworking says

    That was my weekend. One month to go before the end of high school classes and that will be my plan as well.