1. Alex the Pretty Good says

    The main question of course would be whether us Europeanen would agree to accept them in ;).

    On a more practical note… Would it make sense (even if only from a symbolische Point of view) if the protestors at Standing Rock filed a complaint through Trump’s VOICE thingie?

  2. says

    The main question of course would be whether us Europeanen would agree to accept them in

    Only under the condition that they come back in the exact same proportion as their ancestors came from each country.
    I suppose the remaining USA would cope easily with the remaining 3% of any “Cherokee Princess”.

  3. says

    You know, I’d be okay with that. We’d certainly deserve it.

    I’d make my way over to Amsterdam for the mari… *cough*… coffee…

    Or I’d finally have an excuse to travel China, Taiwan, and Japan for tea, and stay longer in Japan for sushi…

  4. Zeppelin says

    Is there any use in getting offended by the pseudoscientific term “Caucasian”? As far as I’m aware it’s based on a discredited 19th century theory of racial origins. I feel it’s kind of, uh, erase-y towards people who actually are from the Caucasus. In reality it just means “passes for whatever the current standard of ‘white’ is”, no?

    (Or maybe President Standing Bear has a grudge against Georgians and Chechnyans?)

  5. says

    America: (n.) 1. the continents of North, Central and South America arrogantly assumed by many residents of the USA to refer solely to their country. 2. areas of North America invaded by Europeans whose descendants now whine that it’s being invaded by non-Europeans.

  6. jack16 says

    The ones not immediately deport-able can find labor in concentration camps. “Arbeit macht frei”.

  7. says

    You know, this is less funny when I remember that there would absolutely be people who would vote against a native American candidate because they were afraid of just that.

  8. Moggie says

    Wikipedia has a page for “List of Native Americans in the United States Congress” (past and present). I don’t know how accurate it is, but it’s a shockingly short list.

  9. dongiovanni (Now onto Wagner) says

    Oh geez. I don’t want to go back to Poland. Being an anarchist is actually dangerous there.